Carl Icahn

Thankfully, the e-commerce giant came to its senses before Ichan had to go all Queens schoolyard on its ass. The only reason he gave them an extension on his patience is because he’s actually had great success selling his knickknacks on the site. Read more »

Carl Icahn Drives A Hard Bargain At Work And At Home

Young Brett Icahn’s plans to follow in his father’s footsteps with a chunk of his father’s money have run into a snag, namely, his father. Sure, the elder Icahn would be happy to help his son remove the training wheels, but he just can’t help it if he’s the superior negotiator, even at 78. Read more »

Carl Icahn Is Human

Well, more likely, someone who works for him is. Yesterday, someone forgot to double-check his or her SEC corporate tag glossary and scared the shit out of Gannett management, when he or she was actually trying to scare the shit out of Hertz management, which may not be necessary anymore because Hertz seems to have gotten the message. Read more »

School is in session. Read more »

Would it have been nice to visit Channing and Jonah on the set of the third installment? Sure. Did a small part of him want to direct? Yes. Did he feel he could’ve brought a Queens school-yard authenticity to things? You betcha. But these are not the things that keep him up at night. Read more »

Carl Icahn Thinks Carl Icahn Is A Pretty Great Recruiter

Are the claims of certain strip-mall discount retailers getting Carl Icahn down? If so, he’s consoling himself with all of the directors whose strings he’s pulling. Read more »

Carl Icahn sounded pretty pleased with himself a couple weeks ago, after another company had bent to his will, and in rapid time. Uncle Carl deemed his seven-week, $175 million-profit-making investment in Family Dollar “yet another validation of the activist investment philosophy.”

Well, Family Dollar buyer Dollar Tree wants it known that it isn’t going to be pushed around by a 78-year-old bully, even if he learned how to throw a punch on a Queens schoolyard. It was totally going to buy Family Dollar months before Carl Icahn got involved. In fact, it should be thanking him for getting involved and keeping its price down. Read more »