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Want to feel close to Jon Corzine but can’t bring yourself to tell people you live in Hoboken? Rather than buying his NJ love shack, perhaps consider placing a bid on a ’87 Jaguar he supposedly once owned and is now on the eBay auction block. Read more »

(The people who questioned his artistic integrity re: the whole “Chooch” thing don’t count, right? Okay, cool, then no one, ever.) Read more »

This morning we discussed the fact that after a torturous year of not being able to buy $300,000 cars because of how it would look, many of you are now feeling strong enough and confident enough to go for it without the fear of people calling you a tone deaf douchebag. Well that was just the tip of the iceberg, ladies. No longer having to worry about the “recession” or a lack of bonuses means the Mecca of the the DB, the Hamptons, is once again in style. Sure, it was there last year but it was a sad summer, what with having to dial down the enthusiasm and not not strip naked and roll around in a pile of hundos once you got out there Friday night. Now feel free to do just that, or light the money on fire just because you can, whatever you want, it’s now okay.

“It’s going to be a good summer,” Megan Ruddy said. “Everyone is sick and tired of holding on to their money.”

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No longer forbidden fruit.

Ugh, the recession. How much of a bitch was that thing? People lost their jobs. Others lost their homes. You didn’t get to buy luxury cars for fear of looking like a dick. Didn’t see that private hell splashed all over the news but just because there were no rallies and only a handful of support groups doesn’t mean the pain wasn’t real. Oh god, those were some tough times. But guess what? Our long national nightmare is over! That Aston Martin Vantage Coupe? You can get it now!

Trader Craig Poler couldn’t hold out any longer. Browsing at the Miller Motorcars dealership in Greenwich, Connecticut, he spotted the $130,000 Aston Martin Vantage Coupe he had been dreaming about for months. “The second I saw it I knew I was going to buy it,” said Poler, 48, who trades oil and petroleum products. “I’ve wanted one for a long time, since I started seeing them in London when I went on business.” Poler, who chose a “deep, dark gray” 2010 Aston Martin Vantage Coupe, said although consumption isn’t back to where it was three years ago, people are becoming less reluctant to splash out on expensive cars and other luxury merchandise. “Some people were affected by the recession and others weren’t going to buck the trends in their social circles,” he said of the cutbacks. “Up until about six months ago you were an a-hole if you bought fancy toys.”

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In speaking with many of the BSDs of Wall Street, I typically find one common desire– the need to own a pink Lamborghini, replete with “a custom-made rhinestone-bedazzled logo a subtle three inches wider than the original, a pink Alcantara interior, and custom-painted Asanti wheels.” Too bad you missed your chance.

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  • 15 Dec 2009 at 3:46 PM

Buy Jeffrey Epstein’s Used Ride

jeffreyepstein2.jpgLooking for ideas on where to blow your bonus money? In the market for something fast, Italian, and super dirty? Consider Jeffrey Epstein’s 2003 Ferrari 575M Maranello. Cityfile reports the massage enthusiast is selling it, via a friend, for $159,000–gotta free up some cash, the girls who won’t talk don’t come cheap, and we can’t have anymore humiliating details going public (ixnay egg-ay haped-say enis-pay). It only has 5,000 miles and the price is presumably negotiable. Make him an offer!

  • 09 Dec 2009 at 1:34 PM

Morgan Stanley Vice-Chair No Longer Too Big To Fail

Morgan Stanley vice-chairman Rob Kindler had the license plate 2BG2FAIL last year in an homage to the crisis. Now, Andrew Ross Sorkin reports, Bobby has swapped it out for the below because “no one is too big to fail,” and because Vikram offered him twenty bucks so the Citi CEO could get in on the joke.