Is your bank looking for a new CEO? Are you considering throwing your name in the ring? Do you feel confident you’ve got a pretty good shot? Before you start printing up new business cards, take a moment to make sure you’re not basing your qualifications on outdated ideas re: what search committees value in a Chief Executive Officer.

According to the Wall Street Journal, in a departure from past, banks are now looking for people who won’t embarrass them in public and would have the sense to say, “No, it would not be a good idea for me to send a picture of my bare ass to the chairman of the Federal Reserve with the caption ‘Regulate this'” in response to an announcement about new capital requirements. Read more »

Fears that executives at the biggest companies wouldn’t get raises befitting their dignity have proven unfounded. Read more »

  • 08 Mar 2012 at 4:42 PM

Brothel CEO Was A Pretty Nice Boss

Gristina reportedly ran a top-shelf operation, carefully choosing her stable of women and screening potential clients…the married mother of four took just a 40% cut of her employees’ billings during her 15 years in business — well below the industry standard 50-50 split with working girls, say sources. The madam’s generosity was one of the things that escort Lizzie most appreciated from her 44-year-old boss. [NYDN, Earlier: I’m a CEO, I’m building an empire]

Remember Anna Gristina/Scotland? To recap, she’s the entrepreneur we were introduced to yesterday whose business hit a bit of a stumbling block when she was arrested by the Manhattan DA and charged with “promoting prostitution” out of her firm’s global headquarters, a whorehouse on East 78th Street. Gristina/Scotland is currently on Riker’s Island having been unable to post bail, set at $2 million, but prior to all this going down, she was just a (self-described) CEO with big plans and an outlook not so different from her colleagues in the business world. Before being nailed as part of a 5-year investigation, a typical day for Anna included: Read more »

During the height of the financial crisis, like when the shit was really hitting the fan, one thing that was considered a serious faux pas, perhaps even more so than giving out bonuses, was use of the corporate jet by Chief Executives. And not just for pleasure trips but for business, too. If anyone so much as even entertained the thought of boarding that thing for work purposes they’d be shot dead by something worse than a gun- public opinion. Now, though, enough time has passed that one would consider it acceptable to use the plane from time to time, perhaps even to expedite travel to weekend homes where one is still on the clock, right? WRONG, BITCHES! The Wall Street Journal‘s been watching you and is here to blow up your spot. Read more »

Over the summer, Colony Capital’s Tom Barrack penned a breathless letter to employees telling them about the “personal breakthrough” he achieved while reading Twilight. Almost a year ago, Stephen Schwarzman admitted to loving no film genre more than the romantic comedy. And yet, despite these well-known, well-respected and well-endowed (?) businessmen coming forward and sharing their feelings and views of books and movies, there’s remained a stigma vis-a-vis being a so-called “BSD” and wanting to curl up with, say, Maid In Manhattan. Doing her part today to let the men of the financial services industry know IT’S OKAY to love the Devil Wear’s Prada is Betsy Tobin, wife of Standard Chartered’s Peter Sands. Betsy told the Evening Standard: Read more »

  • 13 Aug 2010 at 11:40 AM

Business Leaders Of America: Michael Moore Is On To You

“We have to face the fact that most of America’s CEOs don’t want the economy to get ‘better.’ Because for them, it couldn’t get better—they’ve got profit coming out their ears, while with 9.5 percent unemployment their entire workforce is too scared to ask for a 25 cent-an-hour raise. They’d be happy to have things stay just like they are now. Forever.” [TDB]

  • 18 Jun 2010 at 1:10 PM

Who Wants To Be A CEO?

Have you always dreamed of running a company but not exactly gotten it together to amass the necessary qualifications? Have you thought it would be pretty cool to really just be the face of some organization (provided it’s not currently taking a little heat for some unfortunate accidents or being accused of harvesting & trafficking aborted baby parts out of its offices on West Street) but not do any heavy lifting behind the scenes? Today is your lucky day, provided you’re Caucasian. Read more »