• 16 Sep 2014 at 12:20 PM

Brian Hunter Still Has $750K To His Name

He may have vaporized Amaranth Advisors’ clients’ money, but, apparently, not all of his own. And now Brian Hunter’s using it to preserve his anonymity. Alas, it will cost the most entertaining natural-gas trader in history’s his full freedom to play in markets he knows well enough to lose $6.6 billion in, but that’s a small price to pay for remaining, in the eye of Google Images, a fisherman. Or a fish. Whichever. Read more »

Eight years after the great fisherman, Canadian and hedge fund trader who was thisclose to making a mint on a whole mess of natural-gas contracts but instead wound up losing $6.6 billion and putting an end to a plucky little shop called Amaranth Advisors, Brian Hunter may be appearing in New York federal court to defend his honor against allegations that he planned to make that mint by manipulating the natural gas markets. Read more »

They won’t be able to enforce it, but they’ll promulgate the rule all the same. Read more »

At some point between late last night and early this morning, it occurred to Blythe Masters that certain obligations might get in the way of chatting about cross-border guidance on rules. Read more »

When not forcing through highly unpopular new rules or wagging their fingers at glitch-prone regulatees, Gary Gensler & co. are busy dealing with their own technological issues. Read more »

  • 05 Nov 2013 at 5:13 PM

Bart Chilton Going Out On A High Note

The outspoken, flaxen-maned regulator is not going to be chairman of the CFTC. So, with this, he’s achieved all he will achieve, and will take his bows, depriving the financial world of a second hirsute overseer in as many days. Read more »