Charlie Ergen

Third-lien notes payable over seven years by a company that just had to borrow $74 million from people (including Charlie Ergen) to stay afloat through June 15 is more than fair for a man (Charlie Ergen) who created the whole mess in the first place, according to said company. Read more »

The former hedge fund manager and aspiring 4G magnate’s technically-inept lawyers suggest that his arch-enemy may have been stretching the truth a bit about when he began to consider investing his daughter’s trust fund in LightSquared bonds. Read more »

The Dish Network chief and Phil Falcone bête noire is not as big a fan of the TWC-Comcast marriage as John Paulson. But if it goes through, he’d just like to remind everyone that it would then be totally unfair not to let him have his way with DirecTV. Read more »

Phil Falcone cannot sue people for acting like Phil Falcone, so sayeth a federal bankruptcy judge. But Phil Falcone’s company’s company (for now) can! Read more »

An “awkward position,” maybe. But that doesn’t mean he shouldn’t reap all of the rewards of his maybe-shady-but-probably-not-illegal move to buy half of LightSquared’s debt, and any (either of the, really) independent directors who disagree can hit the road. Read more »

Charlie Ergen stands to make quite a bit of money if he succeeds in prying LightSquared’s spectrum from Phil Falcone’s cold, hockey-hardened hands. Fancy that. Read more »