chicken wings

Perhaps you’ve competed in on the job eating challenges before, maybe even successfully. A few Double Downs here, a couple of vending machine items there. Probably felt pretty good about yourself, too. “I can shovel food down my mouth like a pro,” you might have said to a colleague who was equally impressed by your feats of gastrointestinal fortitude, right? WRONG. You have zero reason to be cocky about your so-called binge-eating abilities, according to Sonya Thomas, AKA the Black Widow. Read more »

An oft asked but never conclusively answered question is, “What is the secret to a successful business career?” Is it hard work? Is it perseverance? Is it in-depth research and a top-notch ability to get information first? Is it ass-kissing? Is it wearing a dress and growing breasts? Is it a matter of simply being lucky or surrounding your office with good luck charms? No one’s been able to say. Today, however, a heretofore unmentioned method of making it has been raised, and whether you’re a first year analyst or a thirty-year veteran looking for new places to recruit talent, I’d suggest taking notes. Read more »