Chris Christie

  • 18 Jul 2014 at 1:04 PM

Chris Christie Needs An Economist

If you’re looking to make a career change and you’ve got a head for numbers, great news: the state of New Jersey is hiring. Even more good news: if you can handle getting your head bit off the first (and hopefully, for your sake, last) time you accidentally address Christie as “boss” (and are subsequently treated to a 10 minute lecture about how “There can only be one ‘Boss,‘ and he hails from Asbury Park; you can call me Governor or Sir”), it shouldn’t be too difficult to exceed expectations, as the last guy set the bar extremely low. Read more »

  • 15 May 2014 at 4:20 PM

Hedge Fund Managers Are Totally Over Chris Christie

David Tepper’s the only Garden Stater they want to hear from. Read more »

The early consensus among New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s many Wall Street supporters is that the George Washington Bridge flareup has hurt him but barring any new revelations, it will not derail his possible presidential candidacy in 2016. […] “As I hoped and expected, Governor Christie was forthright, sincere, seriously embarrassed and unequivocally apologetic,” Ken Langone, co-founder of Home Depot and a major Christie Wall Street supporter, told me in an email from Vietnam. [CNBC]

[Steve] Cohen was among the roughly 2,400 people who attended Christie’s victory bash at the Asbury Park Convention Hall, as well as a private dinner Christie had with a handful of supporters, according to people close to Cohen with direct knowledge of the matter. Cohen was one of the few who received a personal invitation from the governor to attend, these people say. Further raising eyebrows is that the invitation came just hours after Manhattan US Attorney Preet Bharara announced a plea deal with Cohen’s hedge fund that includes the largest fine in the history of insider-trading cases, a guilty plea and an agreement by SAC to end its business of managing money for outside clients…Christie and Cohen are said to be friends; one person with direct knowledge of the matter said the New Jersey governor had heard that Cohen was depressed amid the legal pressure, including last week’s guilty plea, and “told Steve to get off his couch” urging Cohen to attend his victory celebration. Cohen reluctantly agreed, this person said.Charlie Gasparino, Fox Business

November 4, 2013. Christie Re-election Headquarters. The governor is talking to reporters about the following day’s election, which he is all but certain to win. As we enter, he is answering a question from the Bergen County Times.

Christie: “…well you can tell him that if he wants to be an idiot, that’s his prerogative. If he wants to be an idiot that’s fine, but not in my state. You wanna be an idiot? Get the hell out of New Jersey.”

An aide approaches Christie, hands him a folded up note, and whispers something in his ear. A look of consternation passes over the Governor’s face. Christie apologizes and tells the reporters he’s going to have to cut things short, then exits stage right and walks into a conference room, shutting the door behind him. Read more »

  • 23 Feb 2012 at 12:57 PM

Warren Buffett Is A Huge Fan Of The Buffett Rule

The Oracle of Omaha has given the eponymous piece of legislation two thumbs up. Read more »

  • 22 Feb 2012 at 11:49 AM

Warren Buffett Is Working Chris Christie’s Last Nerve

As you may have noticed, when New Jersey Governor Chris Christie doesn’t like a position someone has taken, he generally responds with some variation of telling the person taking it to go fuck themselves. Usually he adds little flourishes, like exaggeratedly rolling his eyes, or storming out of the room, or mocking people for being too sensitive, or letting his adversaries (constituents et al.) know that the decisions he makes are “none of their business,” or telling them things like “you should see me when I’m really pissed” and “get the hell off the beach– you’re done.” Most of the time he gives off the vibe that he would love to punctuate his comment by throwing the contents of a large fountain soda in his sparring partner’s face but he’s an elected official so a little restraint must be shown.

In an interview yesterday, Christie was asked about Warren Buffett’s call to raise taxes on the super rich and, spoiler alert, he thinks the Oracle of Omaha should shut his trap and fast, ’cause the Governor no longer wants to hear it. Christie sent the message via Piers Morgan but rest assured he’d gladly do it in person.  Read more »

Naturally, Fox Business’s Senior Steakhouse Correspondent is on it: Read more »

Earlier this week, Ken Langone invited 50 hedge fund managers and other financial services employees to his office. The occasion? A sit down with with Chris Christie, who the Home Depot founder apparently forced to discuss the possibility of running for president. Here’s what the New Jersey governor had to say: Read more »