Each year at Christmas, Paul Tudor Jones orchestrates a holiday spectacular on his front lawn, spreading cheer far and wide. People travel from all over to see the display (set to music) and the tradition, which last two full weeks, is much cherished among the residents of Greenwich. As discussed last week, Jones-A-Palooza 2010 is expected to “rival those of past years,” with the possibility for Rockettes, chicken and PTJ dressed as the big man. Anyone who goes will surely have their mind blown and all are welcome, free of charge because Tudor is a very generous man. And yet, according to one Greenwich elected official, he’s not giving enough when it comes to celebrating the birth of Christ. Read more »

As many of you may be aware, some of us intimately, each year Paul Tudor Jones holds a Christmas spectacular on his front lawn in Greenwich, Connecticut. Open to the public, it’s become a favorite event for children and adults of all ages, far and wide. After being forced to cancel his Halloween extravaganza this year, as a result of neighbors who lack any heart, some worried that PTJ’s Christmas show would suffer the same fate. Well worry no longer. This thing is on, and that’s not all. Read more »

This year, you might be getting an i-Pad but it’ll be handed to you in a plastic bag or not wrapped at all. Rosenberg doesn’t want people jump to conclusions or freak out but this news could indicate several things and the neurotics among us should feel free to read into it meaning:

a) You significant other (mother, father, brother, sister, work BFF) doesn’t know where to buy tape.

b) Your significant other wanted to wrap your gift but freaked out when he/she couldn’t find the perfect paper, had a meltdown in the middle of the store and screamed “fuck it! I can’t even do this!” and decided to go bare.

c) Your significant other (mom, dad, brother or work BFF) is a cheap bastard.

d) Your significant other knows how much you like prettily wrapped gifts (bows especially) and is doing this to send a message that he/she can no longer stand the sight of you, and it’s over. Read more »

The Wall Street Journal‘s Alan Murray went up to CT last night to check out the Paul Tudor Jones Christmas Extravaganza Light ShowTM. He encountered a bit of opposition from the cops patrolling the scene. Having made the same trip last year, I can empathize, and also throw out the question, when you’re putting on the most insanely garish (but awesome!) Christmas show in Greenwich, second only to the manager who has his beset analysts put on their own version of the Rockettes on the front lawn, can you really expect people to NOT TAKE PICTURES?

  • 30 Nov 2009 at 2:59 PM

FYI, Greenwich Connecticut Still Waiting For An Angel

do the right thing.jpgLast week came the devastating (and, in all seriousness, surprising) news that as a result of the recession, Greenwich’s Christmas lights display would likely be taking a hit this year, having only raised $30,000 for a display that costs a minimum of $45,000 to put on, if we’re talking bare bones, $60,000 if we want it done up right. 2,000 letters had been sent out, begging for more money, to no avail. Though we ourselves didn’t want to admit it, it was obvious that things were not looking good. But then first Selectman Peter Tesei made this statement:

“I’m sure that some angel will come down to provide the money to put them up,” Tesei said. “I’m optimistic that will happen.”

At first it seemed like the deluded talk of a crazy man but then we were like, hey wait a second, Pedro is right! Greenwich is filled with angels who could easily write a check. Tall ones, short ones, crazy ones, kingly ones! We figured one of them had to have wired the money after hearing the story and called up the Greenwich Chamber of Commerce earlier to find out who it was. You want to know who it was?

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Think the worst is over? Think again. Greenwich, CT is probably going to be forced to cut back on its Christmas lights this year, having only raised $30,000 for a display that costs a minimum of $45,000 to put on, if we’re talking bare bones, $60,000 if we want it done up right. Over 2,000 letters have been sent out begging for more money, so far to no avail, while organizer Mary Ann Morrison is already saying she may have to get rid of lights entirely on long stretches of Greenwich Avenue (this is not simply a matter of dimming). And yet, first Selectman Peter Tesei seems unconcerned about the whole thing.

“I’m sure that some angel will come down to provide the money to put them up,” Tesei said. “I’m optimistic that will happen.”

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  • 13 Nov 2009 at 10:35 AM

Goldman Sachs Officially Cancels Christmas This Year

Given that the bank is flush with cash and doesn’t much care what the public thinks of them (except when it comes to kittens), this obviously has nothing to do with fear of populist outcry or certain pissant Rolling Stone writers with vivid imaginations. Rather, this is coming from the top, as in The Big Man. Now that it’s out in the open re: who Lloyd Blankfein and Co. work for, there’s no need to tip-toe around why Christmas is the first to go. For anyone considering funding an event with colleagues, as previously mentioned, you can forget that, they’re also not happening (think this is a joke? Lloyd and his secret police force– the GSS– will be checking every employee’s house for trees and egg nog). For the Masters of the Universe upset about missing out on a company-funded opportunity to spend extra time with people you despise over booze, do not fear. A gala Purim party is being planned for next year.
Goldman Sachs Says No To Christmas Party [IN]

Hint: neither of them look as good up close as they do far away. You guys can figure out the first one. The second one is the Paul Tudor Jones Light ShowTM, which we checked out last night on the way to my close personal friend SC’s house for the first night of Hannukah. Video would’ve captured the thing better but then you would’ve heard me mouthing off to the cop and we couldn’t have that, so photos it is. Re the blurry ones: apparently a 15,000 bulb Christmas spectacular, synced up to Carol of the Bells, which lights from the bottom of the top and proceeds to flash over and over getting progressively brighter, replete with fake snow and a squadron of local police, much to the chagrin of an otherwise staid gated community is all good, but taking pictures of said display? Verboten. No matter. We’ll be back next year, provided the tip we dropped in the suggestion box (Vegas show girls as elves) is at least considered.

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