Mr. Dunne, who is obsessed with golf, smokes cigars and stocks his office with cases of Diet Turbo Tea, a drink that claims to provide “anytime energy.” He has an intense, sometimes explosive personality. “He used to say, ‘If I am not yelling at you, and I am nice to you, it’s because I don’t like you,’ ” said a former colleague who asked not to be identified because his current firm does business with Sandler. Another Wall Street banker, who also asked not to be identified, interviewed for a position at Sandler in 2009. He asked Mr. Dunne for a guarantee, a set amount of money for one year, to come to the firm. “What will you guarantee me?” he recalled Mr. Dunne screaming. Mr. Dunne has given only a handful of guarantees during the 12 years he has run the firm. The next day, the banker said he received a call from Mr. Dunne, who apologized. “You got the full Jimmy,” the banker recalled Mr. Dunne saying sheepishly. [Dealbook]

A potential silver lining to finally being arrested Saturday in Florence, if Florian Homm is trying to look on the bright side. Read more »

Some people are such founts of generosity that on their birthday, they think not of themselves and what they will receive, but rather of how they can brighten the days of others. Charles Gasparino is one such selfless, gallant human being. On this special day, January 28th, the 50th anniversary of his entrance into the world, Mr. Gasparino has chosen to present us with a priceless gift: the secrets of his success. Print them out, mark them up, use them to advance your own cause, or simply give thanks to the god of journalism for his magnanimous spirit. Read more »