Citigroup alums

It pays to be an employee at 15 Central Park West. Author Michael Gross reports in House of Outrageous Fortune, his new book about the behemoth condo building, that the average worker there made $22,500 in tips during the holiday season in 2011, give or take a few Benjamins…Not bad for tending to a tower full of influentials, plenty of whom have made Fifteen — its nickname, apparently — their base of power…Sandy Weill…is remembered by one (anonymous) staffer as being “very demanding … An automatic call is made to the manager if a letter or a magazine doesn’t arrive when it’s supposed to.” [NYM, related]

  • 14 Mar 2014 at 1:51 PM

Sleep Where Sandy Weill’s Son Hath Slept

The former Citigroup chairman bought the property next to his house in Greenwich hoping it’d become “a family compound,” and while his son Marc built a house on it and lived there for four years, in 2008 he sold it back to dad and split for NYC. So! What do you get for $14 million asking price? 16,460 square feet, views of Long Island Sound, a home theater, and a koi pond, yes, but also, and much more importantly: the opportunity to have Sandy Weill knock on your door and ask to borrow a cup of sugar, as he’ll be your neighbor. And according to Papa Weill, the house on the market practically dwarfs his own, which is something of a hovel in comparison. Read more »

“You’re a farmer. You can’t control the weather. When you make a Brunello, you have to follow a set of rules. One is no interference with nature. You can’t irrigate in a dry year. I happen to like traditional methods. I’m kind of old school. If you’re someone who balks at following rules, you can still make wine, but you can’t call it a Brunello. You might want a vineyard in Napa Valley instead.” [BusinessWeek]

  • 06 Sep 2012 at 4:56 PM

Bob Rubin Didn’t See That Pool Over There

In a hypothetical scenario, which former treasury secretary, among all the living ones, do you think would be most likely to drink his face off and fall in a pool? Process of elimination should point to Larry Summers, with Hank Paulson being an interesting dark horse, right? Except, wrong! Big Poppa, that we know of, was sober enough to stay standing last night and Hank Paulson is yet to encounter his own personal Sophie’s Choice, wherein a vindictive Dick Fuld forces him to pick between a glass of red and the life of an innocent Warbler. Which leaves door number three: Bob “I took a bath in grain alcohol before getting here” Rubin. Read more »