• 20 Aug 2010 at 10:30 AM

How Much Is CNBC Willing To Pay For A Domain Name?

On the one hand, is a bit clunky. On the other, the network’s anchors announce at least once a segment that they’re “broadcasting live from CNBC global headquarters,” so maybe it’s worth something to them, branding-wise. The real question is, are they willing to negotiate with the convicted criminal currently holding the url hostage, who goes by the name #1 Stunna and is willing to sell it for no less than $100 million? Apparently Stunna has reached out to CNBC already but so far, there’s been no interest,** though he knows they’ll eventually come around if they know what’s good for them (“Stunna states that the lawyers that work for CNBC ‘must be clowns’ to not see the value in that as a domain name”).

**Or they may simply be intimidated by the pictures of Stunna wearing a Raiders hat sitting a crotch rocket.

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