If you’re worried about tearing up yourself at work, remind yourself this isn’t good-bye forever. Read more »

  • 06 May 2011 at 10:23 AM

Is Today Erin Burnett’s Last Day On CNBC? (Update)

No one has said anything but…the standing ovation on the floor of the NYSE, the “good luck, Erin” from Jane Wells, the hints being dropped by Haines and, as one of you noticed, what appear to have been tears in EB’s eyes at the start of the program seem to suggest yes?

Update: And yes, it’s been confirmed today is the day (though Burnett will say her final good-bye Street Signs at 2PM).

Update II: Erin has gifted Haines with a pack of camel magnets, a keychain, a card she was insistent he not read on air, and Cheetos-flavored lip gloss. Read more »

She will also be taking on (soon to be) former colleague Steve Liesman in his own den as a “senior economics correspondent.” Read more »

The news of Burnett’s departure from CNBC for CNN broke Wednesday night but apparently she’s been waiting for CNBC president Mark Hoffman to get back from vacation to make it official face to face. While there’s been no indication what EB’s last day on the network will be, we suggest you start thinking now about how you’d like to comfort Mark Haines, who is more than likely an emotional basket case, so you’re ready when the time comes. [BI]

  • 28 Apr 2011 at 9:12 AM

Erin Burnett Is Leaving You

The Times reports that Mark Haines’ gal-pal is “ready” to jump to CNN. Read more »

As you may know, we’re less than 20 minutes away from Ben Bernanke’s historic (!!!!!) press conference and it’s all people can do not to give themselves strokes over the whole deal. CNBC has rebranded itself the Bernanke Channel and spent the last 6 hours analyzing the event from every angle imaginable. Such as the Fed Chairman sitting versus standing, which Erin Burnett and Melissa Lee speculate is pretty significant. Read more »

Earlier this morning, Squawk Box invited Bob Vila on to discuss their brand new set. Having seen the old one (which Bob described as “a cross between a kitchen cooking show and Star Wars“), what did he think in comparison, Joe wanted to know? “Looks like a great job,” Bob told the gang. “Love the colors.” Having said that…”I wonder, when you tore down the old set, did you recycle any of the materials?” No one had any idea and BV wasn’t finished. “I noticed in the back of the new set you have a staircase that’s very sleek and modern but has no hand rails. I wonder how you got a certificate of occupancy there.” Read more »

Earlier this morning, legendary hedge fund manager Michael Steinhardt popped by the CNBC studios for a little chat with the Squawk Box crew. Things started off friendly enough, with some conversation about the petting-zoo Steinhardt keeps at his home in Westchester (which includes zebras, camels, albino wallabies and a llama named Angel Mike has been known to french kiss), his rare-plant collection that inspires envy in Martha Stewart, the economy and the Fed. Steinhardt noted that, compared to the rest of what’s going on in the world, “we live in an inland sea of calm waters while surrounding us are turbulent, horrible places,” to which everyone nodded soberly in agreement, unaware of what was coming next. “America seems almost as insular as it has in times past,” Mike continued. “Look at the rest of the world compared to America, look what’s happening all over and then here the biggest thing we have to worry about is how long it will take Buffett to come down to earth…how long until people like you begin to realize his reality and get off some…cloud.”

Oh, he went there. Read more »