The Dish Network chief and Phil Falcone bête noire is not as big a fan of the TWC-Comcast marriage as John Paulson. But if it goes through, he’d just like to remind everyone that it would then be totally unfair not to let him have his way with DirecTV. Read more »

John Paulson’s Kabletown Dream Comes True

When John Paulson & Co. bought up a bunch of Time Warner Cable shares last year, he hoped and prayed that Hank Hooper & Co. were thinking the same thing he was. They were, and now he’s $200 million-plus to the good. Read more »

  • 22 Jun 2010 at 4:16 PM

Jeff Macke Has Incredible Business Idea For Comcast

Two words: “More Macke.” Read more »

  • 07 Apr 2009 at 12:51 PM

A Picture Is Worth 23.7 Million Words

We were going to spend some time talking about Comcast Chief Executive Brian Roberts’ making the Top 15 for 2008 executive compensation, but we cannot help but feel that any commentary we would offer with respect to this fact would pale in comparison to the expositive power of this picture of Comcast’s Philadelphia headquarters via Consumerist.
Comcast CEO Roberts makes the Top 15 on pay [Reuters]

Comcast Packed The Net Neutrality Debate At Harvard

Napping For Comcast.jpg
Yesterday a cameraman for the Free Press caught two members of the audience napping during an FCC hearing on net neutrality at Harvard Law School. Now we don’t blame them for snoozing through a meeting about net neutrality–our eyes glaze over just thinking about it–but it does raise the question: why would you go to an FCC hearing if you are bored by that type of thing?
Portfolio’s Sam Gustin has answered the question: they were there because cable giant Comcast paid them to be there. Comcast had planned to pack the meeting with its local employees, and had paid some people off the street to show-up early and hold places in the line for the employees.
“Some of those placeholders, however, did more than wait in line: they filled many of the seats at the meeting, according to eyewitnesses,” Gustin reports. “As a result, scores of Comcast critics and other members of the public were denied entry because the room filled up well before the beginning of the hearing.”
Money can’t buy you love, but it can buy you napping bodies to keep your critics at bay.
Comcast Astroturfs the Old-Fashioned Way []