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  • 07 Feb 2011 at 10:30 AM

Which Was The Least Terrible Super Bowl Commercial?

And what was this about?

No matter what your level of sobriety during last night’s game in Dallas, you should all be able to recall just how much the commercials sucked. From the Chevy that lets you get Facebook updates while driving to immediately confirm you’re a dipshit* who just found your soul-mate (i.e. a person who feels compelled to tell people she hasn’t spoken to in ten years she just went out on “the best first date ever”), to secondhand embarrassment for Eminem,** to ‘get hit in the balls with a can of Pepsi Max,’ they were all really, really bad. Even when there were flickers of something that had potential, like the licking Doritos off your co-workers’ fingers: Read more »

An opulent Brooklyn banquet hall known for its over-the-top commercials promising to “make your dreams come true” is seeking city approval to make its own dream come true — adding a posh hotel. The owner of Grand Prospect Hall in Park Slope wants to build a 150-room, 11-story hotel on its adjacent parking lot. [NYP via DI]