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Write-Offs: 11.29.12

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  • 28 Nov 2012 at 11:49 AM

Things Could Be A LOT Better At SAC Capital Right Now

Back in October, we detailed a list of things that, if you are the hedge fund manager who goes by the name Steven A. Cohen, you really don’t want to hear first thing in the morning. They included: “The fleeces are on back order”; “Your ex-wife is in the lobby”; “There’s a photographer here who said he’s been authorized to shoot you wearing a king’s robe and crown for a set of playing cards”; and “You’ve been outmaneuvered for the Toledo Mud Hens. But I hear the Binghamton Mets may be available.” Today we must update that list to include another thing, perhaps THE thing, that people delivering news to Cohen don’t want to relay. Paraphrasing but any variants on: “Mr. Cohen, we’ve received a Wells notice and by the way, they’re considering naming you personally.” Read more »

SAC Capital Advisors LP, the $14 billion hedge fund run by Steven A. Cohen, plans to hold a conference call with clients tomorrow, according to an investor who asked not to be named because the information is private. SAC executives have reached out to the firm’s largest investors to calm concern about Cohen’s trading in Elan Corp. and Wyeth LLC after prosecutors for the first time tied the hedge-fund founder to a specific transaction at the center of an insider-trading investigation. [Bloomberg, related, earlier]

Earlier today we mentioned that FrontPoint Partners’ Steve Eisman has just about had it with Genworth Financial and told them as much on a conference call this morning in which he threatened to wage a proxy battle on their asses and throw management “out of here.” A clip has now been posted and the audio version is even better than reading in print (flashbacks to being yelled at by your father may ensue, particularly on the “DO NOT DO THAT” line). [Shareholder, Stevo enters around 38:14 and the juice is at 40:00]