Though money’s not allowed when you get to Burning Man, there aren’t any rules about how much change you drop before you head to the playa. As is so often the case when festivals become popular, the original stash of artistic, perma-shrooming, ambiguously-employed “Burners” who flocked to the Nevada desert every August for the last decade or two has become cut with more and more corporate honchos looking for an excuse to become “unplugged” for a week. And, apparently, many of these 1%-ers are hitting up New York’s legendary Screaming Mimis vintage store for their costuming needs, spending the equivalent of four round-trip tickets to Reno, Nevada for furry headdresses, steampunk goggles and leather gear…One CEO who’s giving a TED talk at the festival stopped in to buy a kilt, top hat and goggles to wear during his presentation. Another customer had his pseduo-personal assistant call the store to “vet them” for their inventory and whether they could give him personal assistance. Perhaps not surprisingly, a chauffeured car idled outside while he came in to scope out the headdresses and leather vests. “He was actually a really wonderful guy and was so excited and into it,” Wills remembers. The best thing Will says she’s noticed is that her Burning Man customers — whether art students or hedge funders — are “the most fun people.” “A completely conservative guy came in wearing chinos and an oxford shirt and bought a headdress, goggles and an astronaut jumpsuit and helmet we had. But when we were ringing everything up, he said, ‘One second,’ and ran over and grabbed a bright electric blue tutu,” Wills says. “he plunked it down and said, ‘Yeah, I’ll probably just end up wearing this the whole time.'” [Paper Mag via Dealbook]

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Who Said It?

“Each of us does and says things at one point or another in our lives we regret,” [redacted] told TheWrap. “The costume I wore to the fundraiser [in which I appeared in blackface] was one such thing for me.” Read more »

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We’ve Got Your Office Holiday Party Right Here

Are you employed by an organization that jumped on the Holiday Party Ban bandwagon back in ’08 and never got off, or chose to downsize what were once magical affairs where anything could happen to a bunch of people milling around in the lobby? This year, do you want all that to change? Do you want to be able to go hog wild and eat more than the one bag of chips allotted per employee? Do you want to propose paying a senior staffer for a lap dance and not have it be grounds for dismissal this time? You’ve come to the right place. Read more »

Greenlight Capital’s Jennifer Goff and Amelia Wierzbicki, acting on a dare by COO Daniel Roitman, who is said to have “promised to donate $2,000 for each couple who showed up at the event in Robin Hood outfits.” [Bloomberg]

First, though, a story.

One of the common refrains you hear from the critics of Wall Street is that financial services employees don’t build anything or make anything. To them, it means you don’t do anything for society. We know that’s not true but because one can’t reach out and touch your product, they like to say you earn a living by moving money around without ever creating anything real. The same can be said for my line of work. What do I do? I put words out there but it’s not like you can hold them in your hands or see someone walking down the street carrying them. And on some days, you start to wonder if the haters are right. You start to reevaluate. You question things. You wonder if you should quit and become a bricklayer or a shepherd.

Then a moment comes along, like one did today. Wherein you read a story about an employee of a noted analyst dressing up as the alter ego you conceived for her a couple years back on a lark and then proceeded to fill out, giving her all kinds of storylines and accoutrements like a spreader and truss bar and testicle clamps, which you suggested she used on the heads of various banks and it all becomes clear– you can see it before your very eyes– your undeniable impact on the world. Read more »

As many of you are aware, most Goldman applicants are interviewed at least 20 times before they are made an offer and some more than 30. To that end, a couple months back we instituted a new series re: what to expect during various rounds of your GS vetting. The last time we met, we discussed what a candidate “auditioning” (that’s what they call it at GS) had to look forward to in round 15: role-playing. Today, we’ve made it to the big 2-7. By this point you’re probably getting pretty cocky and have some level of assurance you’ll get the job, which is exactly what they want you to think. Then they hit you with a 1-2 punch you definitely wouldn’t have seen coming unless you’d read it here first. Any chop-shop can ask some stupid question about basketballs and cows but GS has taken the “how good a problem-solver is s/he” model to the next level. According to footage obtained via a camera we stashed in a potted plant of a conference room at 200 West, the first thing they’re going to ask you (and at this stage in the game it’s probably Gary Cohn doing the questioning) is, “Do you have any experience as a mascot?” The correct answer is “No, but I like dancing around in front of my mirror.” Then they’re gonna ask you to get into a suit and turn on some music. ‘Cause they wanna see you sweat. Read more »

We’ve long been of the opinion that what the Real Housewives series could really use is a hedge fund edition. Alex Cohen, Biff’s old lady, Eddie’s girl, Mrs. PTJ would all make for sensational television and I know I’m not alone in saying I would truly do unspeakable things to have Lisa Falcone and her piano-playing pig in my living room every Thursday night. Andrea Tong? Stop, I can’t even. Still, it’s been a bit of a tough sell, what with many of their husbands wanting to avoid publicity, and so on and so forth. But! I think we may actually be able to get this thing off the ground, thanks to two worlds colliding over the weekend. As we told you a couple weeks back, DealBreaker favorite Jim Chanos and Real Housewives of New York cast member LuAnn De Lesseps were scheduled to attend a gala event for the Miracle House charity (Chanos was being honored for his contributions, and De Lesseps was hosting the shindig). We weren’t sure if the two would hit it off but our fears were apparently entirely misplaced, ’cause hit it off they did. I’m talking role-playing on the first date hit it off. Read more »

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Melissa Francis Needs Help

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