Cristina Kirchner

  • 21 Jul 2014 at 2:34 PM

Dan Loeb Pretty Sure Argentina’s Got This

Argentina has nine days to pay Paul Singer—or does it? Sure, a second default in 13 years will probably keep the country from tapping the international debt markets until President Cristina Kirchner’s son Máximo follows father and mother into the Casa Rosada in nine to 13 years or so. But who needs to make good on one’s commitments when one can just loudly proclaim that one has done so without actually doing so and then call on Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin for a bailout? Read more »

Everyone, that is, except for President Cristina Fernandez Kirchner, for now. Read more »

Ex-IMF director Claudio Loser says that his fellow Argentines “have always thought that we are more clever than the rest of the world.” Unfortunately for President Cristina Kirchner, every single federal judge in the U.S. appears to disagree.

But Kirchner is undeterred: She’s got a new plan that involves saying one thing, running full-page ads proclaiming another, and playing for enough time to get out of the deals that she and her husband worked out with the suckers who took a 70% haircut not to then screw them over by making a better deal with the hedge fund monsters/negotiating partners, not defaulting, and then probably refusing to pay the holdouts anyway! Read more »