Josh Gordon is an Fordham business school grad and entrepreneur with a product he’s about to bring to the marketplace. His father is an former Morgan Stanley employee and “conservative guy,” who was probably hoping his son would follow his footsteps onto Wall Street. Maybe the fact that Josh didn’t even affected their relationship. Maybe there was tension at Thanksgiving. Awkward silences that were reminiscent of the feeling in the air after, as a kid, Josh would turn down invitations from his old man to have a catch or go fishing. No matter: father and son have clearly connected now, in their bid to offer people a classier option than whatever they’ve been using to this point to stash their joints and various other vehicles for weed. Read more »

Remember Frank Perkins Hixon Jr.? Made something of a name for himself when he became the first Evercore employee in history to be accused of insider trading, which he apparently did in part to raise funds to support the child he had with Destiny Wind Robinson? He may be going away for a while. Also, he’s sorry. Read more »

  • 14 Aug 2012 at 12:23 PM

Carl Icahn Gives Son Four Years To Prove Himself

Ten years ago, Carl Icahn hired his son Brett to be an analyst at Icahn Enterprises and the kid didn’t fuck anything up so he got to keep his job. Two year ago, Carl gave Brett and another employee, David Schechter, $300 million to invest under the “Sargon portfolio,” and the guys returned 96 percent (before fees) through June. Last month, Carl tossed the duo an additional $3 billion and a contract that expires in 2016, at which time Papa Icahn will either officially deem Brett a worthy successor or offer to serve as a reference when he looks for a new job. Read more »

Brad Hintz, for instance, is so pumped he might very well throw his back out.

Bank of America Merrill Lynch said it upgraded its rating on Goldman Sachs to “buy” in a note to clients following the agreement yesterday. The settlement is “palatable” and the “probability of further action against Goldman Sachs” is much lower, said analysts led by New York-based Guy Moszkowski in the note. “I’m jumping up and down and telling my dad to buy it,” Brad Hintz said of Goldman Sachs’s stock.

Goldman Sachs ‘Victory’ Ushers Change For Wall Street [Bloomberg]