David Pajcin

After ratting on his pals for insider trading, former Goldman analyst David Pajcin decided to hightail it out of town. (Most likely to his native Croatia, although we doubt he’s holed up with his underwear seamstress aunt.) But if authorities can find him, and you know the crack investigators at the SEC will, Pajcin will owe the government $28 million, according to a judgement handed down by U.S. District Judge Kimba Wood late yesterday.

Pajcin [left] must have thought someone was about to whack him because, had he stayed in the country, he could have paid $6.7 million and served no jail time. His ballroom dancing cohort Eugene Plotkin, however, is serving a 57 month prison term. Read more »

A retired Croatian underwear seamstress, who allowed her nephew, a former Goldman Sachs analyst, to make illegal insider trades through her brokerage account, has won the reversal of a $5.7 million penalty she owed to the Securities and Exchange Commission because she sent her response to the allegations to the wrong address.

Back in 2005, the seamstress, Sonja Anticevic, was implicated in an insider trading ring that involved two Goldman employees, a New Jersey mailman, a former Merrill Lynch analyst and a printing plant worker in Wisconsin. Read more »