El-Erian the Man gets the Dealbreaker bag o’ Dealbreaker koozies after benefitting from an extremely low-scoring second half. He comfortably defeated Jos. A. Bernanke to win the fourth annual Dealbreaker NCAA Tournament Challenge. Jos. A. Bank gets quite the consolation prize though, six Pimco pens.

How did El-Erian do it, you ask? Read more »

Our algorithms proved correct. El Erian The Man could only be tied by Jos. A. Bernanke if UConn upset Florida on Saturday. And it happened! Read more »

Almost every bracket is completely busted, so with three games left in the tournament, we’re ready to call AT LEAST A TIE in the 4th Annual Dealbreaker Tournament Challenge for El-Erian The Man, who has the most points AND – since he has Florida winning it all – can’t be beaten.

He CAN however be tied by Jos. A. Bernanke if UConn upsets the Gators in the national semifinals next Saturday. If UConn wins, the tiebreaker in Monday’s final will be for all the Dealbreaker koozies. Read more »

The above are two of our favorites to win for best name, but the evaluation is still ongoing. As for the less important contest – actually picking the games correctly – here’s a quick Sweet 16 update: Read more »

As Dealbreaker historians will recall, 2011 marked our first DB NCAA Tournament Challenge, inspired by a financial services hack who made the public announcement that he planned to (anonymously) report any colleagues he caught filling out brackets and keeping tabs on their picks during business hours. At the time, we encouraged you all to enter as many pools as were available, making it impossible for him to keep up with the amount of people and their offenses he needed to rat out, and created one to do our part. Is this guy still on the loose? He very well might be but regardless: never forget. To that end, sign up for the Fourth Annual Dealbreaker NCAA Tournament Challenge today. If you need reason beyond being able to say you won the DBNCAATC, first place will receive a highly coveted Dealbreaker Banker bag FILLED with Dealbreaker koozies; best username as determined by us will also receive a bag, no koozies. Second place wins six Pimco pens, in their original velvet carrying cases. Read more »