Dear Diary

Jessica Mang, who traded material non-public information based on tips obtained by her Mizuho investment banker boyfriend, Thomas Ammann, because he promised to take her on vacation afterward and also because she thought his entrusting her with such a high level task was a sign he wanted to get serious, was cleared by a jury today, as was Christina Weckwerth, Thomas Ammann’s other girlfriend/execution trader. Read more »

In the summer of 2009, Jessica Mang, far left, met an investment banker named Thomas Ammann at a nightclub in London. Both liked what they saw and started seeing each other “at least once a week,” on days he wasn’t with his other girlfriend, Christina Weckwerth. Things were going well, but by November, Mang wanted more. So when Ammann said he was going to take her on a romantic getaway to Seychelles, and all she had to do first was use her own money to trade on material non-public information he’d obtained from his job at Mizuho International about Canon’s purchase of OCE NV and then give him half the profits, she jumped at the chance. Not only did he want to go away with her (huge!) but he was entrusting her with such an important project (huger!); Mang had read all the dating books and knew that if a guy asked you to violate securities laws, it meant things were getting serious. Read more »

Back in 2009, Thomas Ammann found out through his investment banking job that Canon Inc would be acquiring a Netherlands-based company called Océ N.V. Being in a bit of a tight spot with his finances and seeing an opportunity to score some cash but wanting to avoid the prison time that could come with, he decided to be smart about things and put some distance between the tips and his profits, by employing a couple middlemen. In this case, those middlemen were his two girlfriends, Christina Weckwerth and Jessica Mang, who 1) put up the cash and 2) traded on the material non-public information. And while they probably would have taken issue with Ammann dating and tipping both of them, and would have perhaps been branded a lowlife by their friends and families, Tommy-boy made sure to keep the women a secret from one another, therefore only incurring the wrath of Mang’s roommate on account of the insider trading business. Which, to be honest, Mang thought she was kind of being an uptight bitch about. Read more »

This is his story. Read more »