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His: Los Angeles police officers stopped him while he was trying to buy sleeping aids at a pharmacy, forced him to take a sobriety test, searched him and his car, where they found $3,000 in cash. The officers proceeded to handcuff him and take him to a motel, where they “warned him not to leave, lest he end up dead.” He attempted to escape but “ran into the police officers, who hit him on the head and broke his shoulder blade,” in addition to telling him, “You’re going to die tonight of a heroin overdose.” While he “previously used a legal drug known as bath salts,” he was not high on bath salts on the night in question. Theirs: He was high on fucking bath salts…you know, bath salts, as in the drug that makes people eat faces? Read more »

And you want to know something else? Li Quan isn’t even sure her husband ever cared about the tigers in the first place! Did Quan herself use some of the funds earmarked for the animals taking herself out to dinner and order the most expensive bottle of wine on the menu? Yes, but that doesn’t change the fact that she felt deeply for those cats. Read more »

So that’s nice. Read more »

Bubble Boy Lippmann Doing Okay For Himself

Compared his friends. Read more »

Boaz Weinstein’s Got His Speargun Aimed And Ready To Fire

“I think there are still very talented traders at banks that could work out very well in the buy side. So, yes, we are looking to grow…If you hire one, it’s like shark teeth. There’s another five behind it.” [Bloomberg TV]

What’s a couple billion here or there? NBD, is what it is. Read more »

Max Libre co-founder and Gregg Lippmann wingman Jordan Milman has plunked down a couple million to venture into uncharted territory. Williamsburg. Read more »