First off, Greg doesn’t want to be famous and he says he’s “looking forward to being anonymous again.” The be-sideburned trader (in Greg Zuckerman’s The Greatest Trade Ever his ‘burns are described as “unusually long and thick” and in Michael Lewis’s The Big Short as those of a “1970s porn star”) announced this desire in a recent profile with which he not only cooperated but sat for on two separated occasions and spoke on the record, the genius of which is yet to reveal itself. Second, those hilarious “I’m short your house” shirts he had made back in ’06 when he was one of the few making hugely bearish bets on the housing market? He didn’t come up with that tag-line. “It’s juvenile. It’s funny in March of ’06 when everybody calls you Chicken Little. It’s not funny now,” he told the Observer. “It wasn’t my idea—that’s a fact, on my kids’ lives. … I definitely did not, on my kids lives. Somebody gave it to me.” Third, to those who think Lippmann comes off as “dickish” in Zuckerman and Lewis’s narratives, that’s just plain wrong. Read more »

But not too much! As the people who felt it necessary to perform this study report, “Freeloading men aren’t the only troublemakers. Munsch’s work, which was presented at the American Sociological Association’s annual meeting on Monday, also found that men were more likely to cheat when they made a lot more than their partners.” [NPR via Daily Intel]

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The problem this time around, according to ML? Was that “most of the dicks were stupid.” Stewart’s two cents: “The entire financial market was a bunch of George Costanazas, telling lies they believed.” (And banging their cleaning ladies on the desk, do not forget that.) Also, note the cat-calling for Einhorny from the audience. Nice to see others finally getting on board.

Here’s your hint: the question came from someone not only known by colleagues as a dick, but a lover of dick as well. Chrome, rubber, glass, whatever. Okay, guess.

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I can’t figure out if he’s formed an opinion.
* “Mr. Greenspan…oops, Freudian slip”
* [gratuitous mention of how he used to play baseball]
* “You are the definition of a moral hazard
* “I will do everything I can to block your reign of terror”

  • 22 May 2008 at 2:15 PM

Who Are Wall Street’s Biggest (And Smallest) Dicks?

jamescayne.jpgEarlier today we were pointed in the direction of Dickipedia.org and our initial thought: fantastic. As its name would suggest, it’s a site based on the Wikipedia model, but confined to entries on people who are dicks. What fun! We’ve long kept running tallies of the various dicks we know in our mind, so to put it down on the internet was the next logical step we hadn’t yet had the initiative to take. There’s only one very glaring problem. Specifically, an omission that cannot be overlooked.

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