Don Brownstein

May 2010, Structured Portfolio Management founder Don Brownstein is said to “walk around [a] crowded conference room table while slapping the palm of his hand with a baseball bat, stopping behind [a trader] while stating, ‘I’ll kill you if you leave. The only way you can leave this firm is in a body bag.'” January 2012, Millenium Laboratories really cranks things up a notch re: suggestion of what fate will befall people who attempt to leave their company: Read more »

Don Browstein is a former philosophy professor, the founder of Structured Portfolio Management (named the best performing hedge fund in 2010, after returning 49.5 percent and 134.6 percent in 2009), a guy who supposedly once told a trader “The only way you can leave this firm is in a body bag” while brandishing a baseball bat, and the person his new tenants will have to answer to if next month’s rent is one day late. Read more »

“Jamie Dimon doesn’t sleep in one of those foreclosed-upon houses.” Read more »

Earlier this year, Bloomberg Markets magazine named Don Brownstein, former philosophy professor and founder of Structured Portfolio Management the best performing large hedge fund manager of 2010, having returned 49.5 percent (after 134.6 percent in 2009). Now a lawsuit by one of his former traders, Jeffrey Kong, is shedding light on some of the secrets to Brownstein’s success, which may have involved referencing scenes from The Untouchables over the course of a trading day, like the when he would allegedly conduct staff meetings by walking around conference room tables slapping a baseball bat in his palm and threatening to murder people. Read more »

Take it away, Don Brownstein: “Before Copernicus, there was the view that earth stood still and the sun moved around it. That was the view that told basically that the universe was static. That’s turned out not to be true. I think people who believe that policy is somehow or other exogenous to the behavior of fixed-income markets are just deluded. The Copernican Revolution took place a long time ago in physics and it’s about time that something like that took place in finance.” Read more »