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Five weeks ago, Carl Icahn announced he’d be closing the hedge fund he opened in 2004. Was this a sign retirement was next to come, some wondered? Hell no, Icahn recently told a reporter who checked in with the activist investor. “What else would I do? Play shuffleboard somewhere?” Mr. Icahn said from his vacation home in Florida. Carl’s got no time for anything so patently ridiculous, and is in fact busier than ever. What’s he been up to? Read more »

As you may have heard, Donald Trump has been mulling a run for president, which he says he’ll make a final decision on by June. For the last several months he’s been putting his credentials out there (unlike our pussy diplomats who went to school to study “how to be nice,” Trump is the “right messenger” to deliver news to people like the Chinese, who fear him and know he means business) and debating the issues (namely China, which we should stop treating to “beautiful five-star meals” and needs to be told “If you don’t stop manipulating your currency, we’re going to put a 25 percent tax on your products that come into the United States”). Over the weekend The Don took on one of his potential competitors for the boss of the US gig, Mitt Romney. Trump says he’s more qualified than the former Governor of Massachusetts for a couple of reasons. Read more »

As you may have heard, Donald Trump has announced he’s thinking about running for President of the United States. Item number one on his agenda, should he be elected? Dealing with this China business. According to the Don, “nobody, other than OPEC, is riping off the United States like China,” and he’s had it. “They’re making all our products, they’re taking all our jobs and then they loan the money back and we pay them interest. It’s an amazing phenomena.” Should there be any confusion, Trump, who knows China better than anyone because he buys curtains from them, would like everyone to get it through their heads that “China is an abuser. China is not our friend.” How do we stop the cycle of abuse? Don’s glad you asked. First off, we stop playing Mr. Nice Guy and we start playing hard ball. And what will send a message we’re playing the hardest of ball? Taxing their stuff at 25 percent and taking away those fancy dinners you know they love so much. Read more »

As you may have heard, Donald Trump has been mulling a run for president, which he says he’ll make a final decision on by June. In the meantime, he’s been putting his credentials out there, in case anyone thinks he’s not the right guy for the job. In terms of dealing with foreign leaders and dignitaries, The Don says his experience cannot be beat (and should he turn down the president gig, feel free to offer him Secretary of State, a position for which he’s also eminently qualified). “I sell them real estate for tremendous amounts of money,” he said. “I mean, I’ve dealt with everybody.” To that end, a quick story to illustrate why you should vote Trump. Read more »

Here’s what the Don said last night on CNN’s “Piers Morgan Tonight” when asked about mingling with sauced up members of the business community:

“There’s a banker — and obviously I’m not going to mention names…I’ll never forget a very respected banker, highly respected. And he was making a speech at the Waldorf Astoria. And he was very tipsy, very — and shortly thereafter, he was just totally stone cold drunk. There were probably 2,000 people, 1,500 people at this dinner. It was a very big event. And we carried him out on his back. We carried him out literally on his back and — And I never felt the same way about him.

Trump went on to say he can’t even look at the guy anymore and that he’s “lost all respect” for him. Choking back tears**, Trump wouldn’t say who his fallen hero is or if he had to hold the guy’s hair back as he vomited on the street corner but he did offer one more clue. Read more »

As you may have heard, last night President Obama gave his State of the Union address, in which he mentioned China a couple of times. This, legendary businessman Donald Trump says, “was the low point of the speech.” While Trump pretty much hated the entire thing (there was “no substance whatsoever” and he “didn’t hear anything about all these states that are going to go bankrupt”), it was the China stuff that really grinded his gears. “Totally inappropriate,” the bankruptcy expert told Joe Kernan and Becky Quick this morning on Squawk Box. “What’s up with you and China? What got your dander up,” Joe asked, hoping to lighten the mood. “Did they tell you you couldn’t build a golf course over there or something?” Unfortunately, Donald was in no mood for jokes. Not when it comes to China, or the suggestion anyone tells him where he can and cannot build golf courses. Read more »

The new First Family?

Earlier today on Power Lunch, Donald Trump popped by to thank the gang for the special they’ve produced about him airing tonight. They chatted about a slew of topics including Michelle Caruso-Cabrera being pissed off her appearance on this season of The Apprentice was cut and whether or not Don will run for president. “A lot of people think I should [and] for the first time in my life, I’m really thinking about it,” Trump admitted. Read more »

“Usually I get to the course at 8 in the morning. I will play a round, which will take three to three and a half hours. I will hopefully shoot in the low 70s. Sometimes Melania and Barron will come up to the club and they watch me beat people at golf…I get home at 6 or 7 or 8. I have dinner with Melania and Barron. She’s a good cook. She has a lot of imagination. She makes spaghetti and meat sauce. She makes chef’s salads. She loves salads. Sometimes she makes meatloaf.”

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