As does “John Paulson’s Central Park.” Or simply: “Paulson Park.” Or, at the very least, some kind of life-size bronze statue, possibly inspired by his most famous photo-shoot. He’d never explicitly ask for it, so let’s make something happen. 1) Because he’s been really quite generous and 2) This year’s been tough. We all need our pick-me-ups. Read more »

  • 27 Apr 2011 at 9:47 AM

Not Everyone On Wall Street Has Spurned Obama

He’s kissed the warm embrace of Dan Loeb, Steve Cohen, Ken Griffin et al good-bye but some financiers are still showing Mr. President the love. According the Journal, former Goldman CEO (and New Jersey governor) Jon Corzine will be hosting a dinner for 60 tonight at his home tonight where Obama will speak, before heading into New York for a second dinner at the Waldorf for a slightly less intimate event to be attended by 340 guest (who have paid $35,800/ticket). No word on whether or not David Tepper will be throwing a bigger/better Obama fundraiser next door to Corzine’s, which he’ll hand out flyers for to guests as they walk up to JSC’s house, telling them “This isn’t the party you want to go to, pass it on.” [WSJ]

Email to all staff from the Morgan Stanley CEO sent today:

By law corporations cannot contribute directly to candidates for federal office. However, we are permitted to maintain a political action committee, MSPAC, which pools together employee contributions to support candidates. By banding together to participate in the political process, we can educate lawmakers as they prepare to draft new rules addressing taxes, wealth management and other critical financial services issues. MSPAC helps elect candidates who support our business objectives.

Suggested giving levels:

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Robert G. Burton is the chairman and CEO of Greenwich-based Burton Capital Management. Over the years he’s donated more than $7 million to the school’s football program, including a $2.5 million gift for the Burton Family Football Complex. Now Burton wants that money back and his name taken off the building. He’s extremely miffed and in a letter to athletic director Jeff Hathaway– the object of Burton’s ire– he outlined why. Read more »

You want it, Albany? You know what you have to do. Otherwise Long Island gets its first tobacco farm. Read more »

The Lloyd and Laura Blankfein Foundation gave $1.7 million to charity last year (up from $1.3 million in 2009). Some of these monetary gifts went to “Dorot, a New York nonprofit that aids the elderly, the Animal Rescue Fund of the Hamptons and New York Cares, which mobilizes volunteers to help the city’s disadvantaged,” while LB’s alma mater, Harvard Law School, the Ethical Culture Fieldston School, where his kids went to school, and the Bridgehampton Fire Department on Long Island, on call June-August in case a fire in Lloyd’s loins needs putting out, also got some clams. Without having spoken with them, it’s probably safe to say all the recipients appreciated the money. One person, perhaps feeling left out of the Blankfeins Make It Rain party, could not give less of a rat’s ass and is pretty sure you shouldn’t either, at least until we get some answers. Read more »

  • 14 Apr 2008 at 4:20 PM

Return on Investment

obamasmall.JPGRepublican presidential candidate John McCain screwed himself out of some potential donors/voters today when he said that the “greedy behavior” of Wall Street investors is somewhat to blame for what might be an economic recession that we might be in right now. Know who’s still down with the Street Urchins? Barack Obama. DealBook notes that contributions to the Democratic presidential candidate’s campaign from money managers total $2,196,734 to McCain’s $772,325. Insiders say the donations surged in large part to Obama’s Super Tuesday wins, and a viral ad campaign launched by Highbridge Capital Management, pictured at left. Click to enlarge.

McCain blames ‘greedy’ for recession
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