Dov Charney

Forgot to count that.One can debate whether sleeping on a friend’s couch on the Lower East Side is preferable to sleeping in your 20-room, marble-and-gold-encrusted hilltop estate in Los Angeles. It’s an admittedly close call. What is not up for debate is that said house has monetary value in excess of Dov’s last $100K. Read more »

  • 19 Dec 2014 at 1:16 PM

The Indomitable Dov Charney Strikes Again

He'll get it back.Having his DNA, in all of its many forms, all over American Apparel isn’t enough for its former CEO. So even if the last alternative investor he worked with to take the power back disappointed him with a pink slip, he’s not going to let it stop him from trying again. Read more »

dov charneyKnowing this guy– who was officially fired as CEO today– he meant that figuratively and literally. God only knows what other personal items he left around corporate headquarters. Read more »

Could also be fixing American Apparel, signing checks in addition to regrowing this sweet mustache.Wringing its hands over whether it should have fired him and whether he should be un-fired in some capacity isn’t helping. Read more »

When does the second quarter end? Why, June, of course. And when was Dov Charney fired as CEO of the company he founded? June. Therefore, Dov Charney is responsible for the fact that said company lost less money in the three months ended in June than it had in the year-earlier period, according to Dov Charney, who is also not interested in having it pointed out that he was also CEO during the aforementioned year-earlier period, or that he was fired not for being bad at running American Apparel’s finances (which he arguably was), but for being an alleged scumbag. Read more »

Hedge Fund Has Fixed Everything At American Apparel

That or its relative Dov-Charneylessness. Or the thankless work put in by the old board. Or who the hell knows what? All Standard General knows is, things are looking up. Read more »

He won’t be on the board anymore, and there’s no guarantee that the hedge fund he gave his shares to will let him be CEO again. But it’s all part of his grand plan to be allowed to shop at his stores again. Read more »

The recently deposed American Apparel founder is hoping to regain control with the help of his fellow shareholders. Read more »