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Just kidding. Once he’s out of JPM he’s joining a Shuffleboard league at Del Boca Vista. Read more »

Assuming the positions have not already been filled, they’ve got openings in Boston and New York, if you know anyone looking to roll their sleeves up and get to work. Read more »

Do you want to take on a man who would rather shave off his eyebrows than pay his ex-wife a dime? Do you relish the opportunity to oppose an army of highly-paid corporate lawyers with tens of thousands times the resources at their disposal? Are you not spooked by the prospect of serving as the third in a series of lawyers on a case? Then give Patricia Cohen a call. Read more »

Unhappy in your current position and desperate to make a move? Completely content but looking for opportunities for professional growth? Today’s your lucky day. Patriarch Partners founder and CEO Lynn Tilton, she of Christmas cards, jello shots, whipped cream off her breasts, and “The number one lie people tell is ‘I won’t come in your mouth‘” fame is looking for a personal assistant. Think you’re up for the challenge? Here are the non-negotiable prerequisites and responsibilities you’ll face (emphasis ours): Read more »

How does a nanny earn more than the average pediatrician? The simple answer is hard work — plus a strange seller’s market that follows a couple of quirky economic principles. A typical high-priced nanny effectively signs her (and they are almost always women) life over to the family she works for…And, alas, it seems that there just aren’t enough “good” nannies, always on call, to go around. Especially since a wealthy family’s demands can be pretty specific. According to Pavillion’s vice president, Seth Norman Greenberg, a nanny increases her market value if she speaks fluent French (or, increasingly, Mandarin); can cook a four-course meal (and, occasionally, macrobiotic dishes); and ride, wash and groom a horse. Greenberg has also known families to prize nannies who can steer a 32-foot boat, help manage an art collection or, in one case, drive a Zamboni to clean a private ice rink. [NYT via BI, related]

  • 28 Feb 2012 at 1:40 PM

Who Wants To Be CEO Of LightSquared?

The dream few thought possible is now within reach, as there have been some unexpected personnel changes at the wireless company– if anyone is looking for employment, shoot Phil your resume today. The Falcone family muse was obviously offered the gig but has her hands full at the moment.  Read more »

Other than when writing Penthouse forum entries or relaying tales of experimentation with barnyard animals, it’s not often that people tell stories which include the words “I never thought I’d be doing this.” On that note, remember John Thomas Financial? To recap, it’s a four year-old brokerage best known for being run by a guy (Thomas Belesis) who 1) last year took it upon himself to organize a “rally” to “bring back the pride of Wall Street” (which marked the first time anyone that worked on Wall Street had heard of the place) and 2) May have wanted to bring back not only pride but the sort of corporate culture that accepted, nay, encouraged “lesbian strippers on the trading floor,” a lack of judgement re: “virtual hailstorms of sexual harassment,” and a can-do attitude from junior employees when “assigned to mop up the whipped cream and bodily fluids resulting from an exec’s midday frolic with his secretary,” as was the case as his former firm. Anyway, JTF is back in the news on account of trolling Occupy Wall Street for employees and finding one in Tracy Postert, who apparently wouldn’t have accepted the offer unless she were really, really desperate which, lucky for Belesis, she was. Read more »

  • 11 Nov 2011 at 1:18 PM

MF Global Is Hiring

Only stipulation is that you were recently fired by the firm. Read more »