Time was, out of the office networking was the purview of men. Ladies might have been able to break into the corporate world, but they were missing out when it came to off-the-clock bonding with colleagues and/or clients on the golf course, in the strip club, and at the bar at 3AM after drinking for 7 hours straight. Well no longer.

Tired of missing out on the opportunities to get ahead afforded to people who don’t necessarily do the best job at the office but impress the boss with their ability to put back 16 Manhattans during happy hour, businesswomen are going shot for shot with their male counterparts, according to a new study from QZ: Read more »

When the Mets wouldn’t give him a say in the direction of the franchise (even after he gave away several great ideas for free), who was there? A-Rod. When the Feds were circling, who was there? A-Rod. When he was forced to turn his hedge fund into a shell of what it once was, and watch as closet upon walk-in closet of SAC-branded fleeces were rendered useless, who was there? Read more »

According to John Carney and his associate Ash Bennington, who put together the list, they’re to be avoided and include: Read more »

As a Japanese equity and equity warrants sales broker for Merrill Lynch in London, Mark Jeffries usually skipped the group drinking binges where co-workers would regularly booze themselves into incoherence. “I didn’t like at the end of the day getting absolutely drunk. It just wasn’t my way,” said Jeffries. When the bottom fell out of the Japanese market, his job vaporized in the mass layoffs that followed. Jeffries went on to a career in British television and now is a communications consultant in New York, giving keynote speeches around the world. His book, “The Art of Business Seduction,” is a how-to with tips on building emotional bonds with people for business and career success. “I was definitely naive as a stock broker,” Jeffries said. “Getting drunk was the point. That was the emotional connection. I missed that. And so I missed creating a really strong emotional connection.” [FINS via DI]

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From Who And How Does Charlie Gasparino Get His Scoops?

Here’s one: how many times have you watched Charlie Gasparino break a story and wonder to yourself, “How does this guy do it? Where does he get these stories? Who are his sources? How does he get them to crack?” Whether it’s the Goldman prop situation, Jimmy Cayne’s uromysitisis condition or Dick Fuld’s inability to post bail after getting arrested for going ape-shit on a CostoCo employee, Gaspo’s always got it. Is it that Chaz:

a) Has put in quality time with this broad, who knows all?

b) Leaves threatening voicemails on people’s machines, suggesting if he doesn’t get the story, he’ll break off their cojones and boil them in motor oil, which typically motivates them to give him the dirt?

c) Tails Andrew Ross Sorkin to his source meetings, waits for him outside and proceeds to rub a chloroform soaked rag on ARS’s face, steal his notes and make a mad dash for Elaine’s, where no one will ask questions?

d) Has an army of San Pietro bus boys on payroll who report back anything they heard from the movers and shakers dining at the restaurant after their shift?

e) Has realized that it’s the interns in every organization who hold the secrets, and to that end has endeared himself to the ones at the major banks by taking them out for drinks at Tropix, his favorite joint in Rego Park, where they have a lax policy on underage drinking?

This morning, Charlie revealed the answer. Read more »

This should be you.

True or false: the one thing the financial services industry could really use right now is a good buzz? True. And while happy hours and the boozy lunch are always a good idea, you know what would be even better? For you to get hammered at the start of the day, after putting in like 30-60 minutes of work or maybe even on the way to the office. Would add a new and exciting twist to things, amiright? You know I am. To assist you in this pursuit, one NYDrinker has compiled a list of drinking establishments downtown that open at 8AM, though you probably know them all already, Lloyd.

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Charlie Gasparino Is Ready For A Book Talk Brawl

goingroguebookcover.pngIf you’re coming to New Canaan, CT on Sunday to hear Charlie Gasparino discuss The Sellout you might need to bring your boxing gloves.
The other day on Chicago-based radio show StocksandJocks, co-hosted by CNBC contributor Dr. J Najarian, a listener asked Gas-Bag if he was ready to handle a confrontational room of ex-Bear and Lehman traders who might want to throw down fisticuffs. Considering many of these guys are still unemployed, stuck with McMansion mortgages, and with ample time on their hands – we thought that was a valid concern. (Sam Molinaro, former Bear Stearns CFO, is a New Canaan resident.)
The show’s other host Tom ‘the Chief’ Haugh asked Chaz, “Are you ready for a scene or a verbal confrontation? How do you think Cannanists will receive you?”
Gasparino responded, “Well you know, they can do whatever they want. What, you don’t think I’ve never had a personal confrontation from peeps on Wall Street? For some reason personal confrontations don’t scare me that much…you know.. I know how to handle myself.”
“I’m not a punching bag I don’t take their [shit]. I remind them it was their company’s management that screwed up and I just reported it. I didn’t engage in your risk taking practices. If you think I have anything to do with your implosion then you’re nuts,” Gasparino. said.

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