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  • Charlie Gasparino


    Charlie Gasparino Eulogizes John C. Whitehead

    …the only way he knows how.

    / Feb 9, 2015 at 4:20 PM
  • Screen Shot 2014-10-06 at 6.39.57 PM


    Charlie Gasparino Has Sources In Every Dressing Room

    This is Fox Business’s Senior Women’s Clothing Store Correspondent, reporting live:

    / Oct 6, 2014 at 6:22 PM
  • bloombergdennishof


    Brothel Operator With Plans To Bring Business To The Public Markets Needs Your Help

    Earlier today, Bloomberg ran a sobering report: as those of you who cover the brothel industry for your company know, Nevada’s whorehouses have taken a serious hit, “dwindling to about 19 from roughly 36 in 1985,” thanks to the state’s “flagging economy, decreased patronage by truckers squeezed by fuel cost and growing use of the […]

    / Aug 28, 2013 at 2:48 PM
  • kristindavis


    Eliot Spitzer’s Liason To The Hooker World Announces Plan To Run For Mayor Of New York

    Earlier this month, the Times reported that Mayor Bloomberg and his advisers had been “floating the possibility of mayoral runs to at least five boldface figures,” including Chuck Schumer, Mort Zuckerman, Ed Rendell, Edward Skyler, and Hillary Clinton. Strangely left off the list? A woman who some might say is actually Hizzoner’s most worthy successor and who conveniently announced her intent to run today: Kristin Davis, the woman who once supplied Eliot Spitzer with hot young tail.

    / Jan 15, 2013 at 4:51 PM
  • News

    Eliot Spitzer Is Happy About Pregnancies In General, Not About Any One In Particular

    Asked by newsman Noam Laden to respond about Dupre’s pregnancy with asphalt scion Thomas “TJ” Earle during an appearance on Geraldo Rivera’s WABC radio show yesterday, disgraced ex-Gov. Eliot Spitzer answered: “I just don’t respond to that stuff, except to [say to] anybody who is pregnant, congratulations and good luck. Having kids is the best […]

    / Aug 21, 2012 at 2:16 PM
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    Eliot Spitzer Is Willing To Suspend Judgment Before Determining Whether Or Not The New York Fed Let Barclays Molest Young Boys

    Maria Bartiromo: Tim Geithner apparently flagged the problem 5 years ago. Why didn’t he do more about this? He basically called the Bank of England and said he was worried about the approach in terms of Libor, that they needed to change it. Did he do enough?

    Eliot Spitzer: Look I think it would be preemptory to say one way or the other. This is something that needs an awful lot of examination. I think the fact that he knew in ’07, sent a memo in ’08 is only the first layer of inquiry. Did he follow up on it? Libor, as everyone who watches CNBC knows, is the heart and soul, it is the blood stream of the financial system. If anyone is rigging it or playing games with it then you must follow up. Anybody who is in the regulatory position that Tim Geithner was in, in my view the most important bank regulatory position in the world, how do you not follow up and say wait a minute guys what have you done? So it’s unclear, and I hate to use this metaphor perhaps but was this the sort of memo that was being sent at Penn State where you just kind of brush it aside or was it really and effort to do something?

    MB: Oh god…

    ES:…This bears an awful lot of inquiry. Because it goes to the very real question of whether the NY Fed did not fulfill its fundamental function to ensure the soundest [and] security of the balance sheets of the banks all the way through the period leading up to the crisis. Is this one piece of evidence that runs contrary to that or one piece of evidence that supports it? We don’t know yet.

    MB: What a comparison.

    ES: Well let me tell you Maria, unfortunately when you see memos at the top being written like that, you never know, you have to ask the question, what preceded it, what came after it, otherwise you don’t understand the texture of what was being done by that senior person.

    Spitzer Talks Wall Street [CNBC]

    / Jul 13, 2012 at 5:49 PM
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    Ashley Dupré’s New Career Involves Encouraging Customers To Put Clothes On

    If it feels like it’s been forever since we last heard from Eliot Spitzer’s former gal-pal Ashley Dupré it’s because it has. What’s she been up to since July 2010, when she told reporters she was focusing on getting her real estate license and writing a dating column which sadly did not continue past its debut? Becoming a small business owner and shedding her old skin, which she’d appreciate if you didn’t bring up in conversation. That (hooking) was then, this (being a New Jersey-based entrepreneur) is now. And while the new venture “represents a continuation of her evolution,” rest assured “special underthings” and swimsuits will always have a place in her life.

    Four years after her high-priced hotel romps with Eliot Spitzer dynamited his tenure as governor of New York and made her infamous, Ashley Dupré says she turned a page Monday with the opening of Femme by Ashley, a lingerie and swimwear boutique on the choicest block in downtown Red Bank. The shop, Dupré told redbankgreen in an exclusive interview, “is almost like the beginning of the rest of my life…Petite and wearing eyeglasses that made her appear somewhat more studious than she did in Girls Gone Wild videos made a decade ago, 27-year-old Dupré said she agreed to redbankgreen‘s request for a sit-down only at the urging of her boyfriend, TJ Earle, who thought it was important in establishing community roots. She said it would likely be her only interview on the topic. “I’m just done with it,” Dupré said of her scandal-based persona. “I’m very private. People don’t believe that, but I’m a very private person. I don’t want that life. I’m not looking to be in the press. I’m just looking to get on with my life.”

    “I’m a girl, and I think every girl likes to shop and explore their tastes,” she said. “Getting into this business, I kind of explored all of these designers and fell in love with them.” The shop offers swimsuits in the $180 to $200 range as well as some “special” underthings, Dupré said.

    Pop in for a look-see today.

    ASHLEY DUPRÉ SETS UP SHOP AND MOVES ON [RedBankGreen via Daily Intel]

    / May 16, 2012 at 11:38 AM
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    Banks Apparently Want To Do More Work And Take More Risk For No Money

    We’ve talked a little before about how I don’t understand Wall Street research. Let’s start slow: why publish research? There are I think three, or three-ish, possibilities: 1. To inform your investing clients (asset managers and such) about your best views on how they should manage their money, so that they can manage their money […]

    / Apr 30, 2012 at 4:58 PM
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    Banks May Have Trouble Taking Full Advantage Of JOBS Act’s New Opportunities For Deceiving Clients

    My time in the financial industry entirely postdated the global research settlement, which means that I have a different view of sell-side research from some of the olds. As far as I can make out, there are people who think that investment bank research was once a demonic scheme in which research analysts – larger-than-life figures whose recommendations were irresistible to the retail investors who in this vision bought all of every pre-2003 stock offering – swindled those besotted retail investors into buying crap stocks at inflated prices so that the banks could get gigantic investment banking fees. Whereas I always thought that investment bank research was a sort of cute endeavor of unclear commercial purpose, taken skeptically by the institutional investors who buy most of every post-2003 offering, made fun of by bankers, and conducted by people whom we never saw because, among other things, our network was set up to prevent them from emailing us and vice versa.

    Perhaps before the settlement giants roamed the halls of research divisions, defrauding investors with abandon, but once their email was cut off from the bankers’ email they retreated into mousy irrelevance? Unclear. In any case THEY’RE BACK BABY, sort of:

    / Apr 5, 2012 at 1:56 PM
  • interesting choice of words

    Eliot Spitzer Is Having ‘Loads’ Of Fun Telling Other People How To Do Their Jobs

    “You know what I would like to see?” Spitzer asked the crowd. “I’d like to see a petition with a hundred million signatures, submitted to the White House tomorrow morning, saying, ‘Give us a treasury secretary who understands reform.’ Bring Paul Volcker in. Bring in Joe Stiglitz. Bring in Paul Krugman. Bring in Robert Reich…Spitzer, […]

    / Oct 12, 2011 at 2:16 PM
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    Eliot Spitzer Learns The Disadvantages Of Not Being The Government

    Although you know that Eliot Spitzer was slightly preoccupied during his time as New York’s Attorney General, maybe you can understand why William Gilman and Edward McNenney might have thought that he was devoted full-time to bullying them. Gilman and McNenney, formerly executives at insurance broker Marsh & McLennan, have not exactly had positive interactions with […]

    / Aug 22, 2011 at 6:14 PM
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    If You Know Any Job Openings In The Field Of Prosecuting Financial Villains, Keep Eliot Spitzer In Mind

    Because he really misses it and thinks he could bring a lot to the table. To help make his case, he sat down today for a little chit-chat with the Observer about what he would be doing to the ratings agencies right now had that whole…you know what it is, we don’t need to say […]

    / Aug 18, 2011 at 5:48 PM
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    Erin Burnett’s New Gig Starts September

    Burnett’s show was announced in the same memo in which the bad news was broken that Eliot Spitzer’s foray into television, In The Arena, will be put out to pasture, which could make things around the water cooler slightly awkward (apparently Spitzer hasn’t yet left the building, with network execs trying to find him “an […]

    / Jul 6, 2011 at 2:36 PM
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    Ken Langone Still Not Yet In His Zen Place Re: Eliot Spitzer

    “I don’t like the guy and every time I get a chance to take a shot at him I do it.”

    / May 25, 2011 at 4:15 PM
  • News

    Dominique Strauss-Kahn Has Really Done It This Time

    On top of all the other stuff- he’s gone and pissed off New York madam Kristin Davis, who Eliot Spitzer can confirm you do not want as an enemy.

    / May 19, 2011 at 10:50 AM
  • News

    If Eliot Spitzer Were Attorney General, He’d Be Bringing The Thunder All Up In Goldman Sachs’ Business

    “Once the steam stopped coming out of my ears, I’d be dropping so many subpoenas,” Spitzer told Matt Taibbi of the Levin report. “And I would parse every potential inconsistency between the testimony they gave to Congress and the facts as we now understand them.” [Rolling Stone via BI, earlier]

    / May 12, 2011 at 11:29 AM
  • News

    Eliot Spitzer Wants Attorney General Eric Holder To Prosecute Goldman Sachs Right This Second

    If Holder doesn’t he should quit his job, as the charges are “screaming out to be brought,” according to Ness.

    / Apr 18, 2011 at 3:28 PM
  • News

    If Something That Will Never Happen Happens, Dick Grasso Will Run For Mayor Of New York

    Been missing Dick Grasso in your life? Have a recurring fantasy in which he runs for Mayor of New York City? Today’s your lucky day, because Dick has promised his fans he’ll do just that.

    / Apr 15, 2011 at 9:43 AM
  • News

    Eliot Spitzer Wants You To Feel Comfortable Making Jokes About The Time He Got Caught Paying For Hookers

    Former Governor of New York Eliot Spitzer was recently interviewed by Times magazine. On the topic of patronizing prostitutes, which led to his resignation from office, reporter Andrew Goldman asked Ness if he was ready to laugh about the whole thing. Spitzer said that while, personally, he’s not yet at the ha-ha stage, he totally […]

    / Mar 18, 2011 at 12:23 PM
  • News

    Been Fantasizing About Seeing Eliot Spitzer And Dick Grasso Run Against Each Other For Mayor Of New York City?

    If you’ve been dying for a while to see the Steamroller and Dick Grasso battle each other for the job of running NYC but never told anyone about it because you felt silly, given that it will never happen, you’re not alone: reporter Charlie Gasparino, too, would love such a match-up and despite being told […]

    / Mar 3, 2011 at 9:05 AM
  • News

    Eliot Spitzer’s Favorite Hooker Is Now A Commodities Trader

    In an interview with Deal Journal about his documentary of the former governor, Client 9, filmmaker Alex Gibney mentions that one of the prostitutes featured, who goes by the name “Angelina,” has since left one ho’ing business for another– due to her high-profile clients, she was able to land a gig on Wall Street.

    / Nov 10, 2010 at 4:29 PM
  • News

    Eliot Spitzer’s Liason To The Hooker World Has New York Hedge Funds’ Backs

    As you may have heard, Kristin Davis, the former madam who supplied Eliot Ness with prostitutes when he was into that sort of thing, is running for governor of New York. She’s previously stated that her qualifications for the job are that she 1) “Was valedictorian of [her] high-school class 2) “Worked 10 years in […]

    / Oct 25, 2010 at 11:21 AM
  • News

    Ashley Dupré Backs Andrew Cuomo For Governor

    “He seems like the right choice for New York,” she said last night at 1Oak. [Daily Intel]

    / Oct 13, 2010 at 3:15 PM
  • News

    Eliot Spitzer Ended Up With The One Prostitue Who Made Him Work For It

    We haven’t had a conversation at length about it (YET), but it’s been pretty well-confirmed by this point that one of main reasons Eliot Spitzer patronized prosties was the no muss, no fuss aspect. He was very busy, he had “needs” and he wanted to get in and get out. Ashley Dupré was pretty okay […]

    / Oct 1, 2010 at 4:06 PM
  • News

    What Would The Emperor’s Club Hookers Say Every Time Eliot Spitzer Came A’ Calling?

    Hint: You don’t get the designation “noted” hooker fucker for a one time job.

    / Sep 28, 2010 at 12:06 PM
  • News

    Money. Sex. Power. Betrayal. The Name Of Eliot Spitzer’s Penis. YOU DON’T KNOW THE REAL STORY.

    Here are a list of things we know about the “rise and fall of Eliot Spitzer”: * Attorney General * Went after a lot of people on Wall Street * Governor * Fucked a prostitute named Ashley for $2,000 an hour * Used the name of a campaign contributor when paying-to-lay * Used the Mayflower […]

    / Sep 10, 2010 at 4:59 PM
  • News

    Eliot Spitzer’s Liason To The Hooker World Officially Running For Office

    When Kristin Davis first made the bold claim she’d be running for governor of New York State, it was admittedly an attempt to get back at her arch-nemesis, Eliot Spitzer. It frosted Davis’ cookies like no other that the man she supplied– ballparking it here but possibly– thousands of hookers with, in her role as […]

    / Aug 23, 2010 at 10:15 AM
  • News

    What Was The Thought Process Behind Eliot Spitzer Go-To Hooker Supplier Kristin Davis’s Decision To Leave Her Job At A Hedge Fund To Become A Madam?

    “It was a business decision. The economics of sex were appealing. I worked in the back office of a hedge fund, making six figures but I was always taking crap from everyone. I put together a market analysis on the sex industry and it looked to be a lucrative appealing endeavor.”

    / Aug 3, 2010 at 2:59 PM

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