endangered species

kim kardashianThe 34-year-old reality television star shared her love for the Canadian gadget at a conference Monday night hosted by technology website Re/code. “A BlackBerry, it’s my heart and soul. I love it. I’ll never get rid of it,” Kardashian said. “I do have an iPhone – I use that for photos – but if you have to handle an e-mail and you have to type fast I need to feel that board,” she said, referring to BlackBerry’s trademark keyboard…Kardashian said she stocks three BlackBerry Bolds at all times, just in case one breaks. “I have anxiety that I will run out and I won’t have a BlackBerry. “I’m afraid it’ll go extinct,” she said. “I’m on a mission to make that not happen.” [Globe And Mail]

Companies whose debt is completely and totally without risk now number just three rare and beautiful specimens. But, like the roseate tern and loggerhead sea turtle, they are in danger of disappearing forever, because, in spite of all of the hand-wringing and hair-splitting that goes into dividing the triple-As from the double-As at a ratings agency, the only distinction investors seem to care about is that between investment grade and junk. Read more »