express yourself

Though their lists probably don’t have much overlap, like those occupying downtown Manhattan, there are lot of things with which Mayor Mike Bloomberg has beef. Some of it, he’s been able to use his position to get rid of. Trans fat. Smoke. Bake sales in New York City schools. Term limits for people named Michael Bloomberg. The temptations of his one true love, salt.1 Others, which chap his hide in not an insignificant way, he just has to live with. Water.2 People who can’t enjoy a nice snowy day. Pictures of himself looking less than svelte.3 Interior design lacking chairs upholstered in leopard print.4 So when he says he get totally gets people being so pissed off about various things they feel like they’re just gonna snap and go on a rampage burning every fat photo ever taken of them (…as a for instance), he really means it.

“Everyone’s got a thing they want to protest,” Bloomberg said on his weekly radio show on Friday.

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