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  • 25 Jan 2013 at 12:36 PM

Lloyd Blankfein Grows A Playoff Davos Beard

[via Ryan McCarthy]
Presumably the new scruff is being sported simply in an effort to stay warm in Switzerland but dare we say it should become a permanent thing? As you can see here it does nothing to obscure The Lloyd Face and in fact enriches it somehow?

Taking away the one thing he thought he had going for himself. Read more »

Bill Gross’s Mustache Is Never Coming Back

Has there ever been a person in your life who in hindsight you never adequately cherished ’til he/she was gone? Who you would have treated better if you’d known that that final day together would be your last? Who you would have begged to stay? Who you assumed would return to you eventually but as the weeks, months, and years crept on you were faced with the hard realization that the next and only time you’d see them would be in your dreams, because they were never coming back? Whose permanent absence, once finally accepted, hit you like a piano pushed from the window of the top floor of a hedge fund manager’s house by a surly pet pig? Then you know how people involved with Bill Gross’s Mustache feel today. Once a daily presence on the PIMCO manager’s face, the BGM went away for a while but it was assumed not for good because how could that be? Why would that be? It didn’t seem possible. And then this happened:

Bloomberg’s Tom Keene: When does the mustache come back?
Gross: Never. My wife has finally adjusted, so it’s not coming back.

If you never got to say a proper good-bye, if you would have done things differently, if you feel like the wind’s been knocked out of you, if you can’t bear the thought of being alone tonight, join us as we light a candle in memoriam. Read more »

In other words, does the rational part of your brain, which wants you to be circus freak-crazy pissed at him, lose out to the part that gets one look at that beard and decides “I can’t stay mad at you”? Because that’s a theory being floated for why JSC isn’t faring too badly in the court of public opinion. Read more »

As you may have heard, early this morning, Jon Corzine resigned from MF Global. According to the former Goldman Sachs CEO/US Senator/Governor of New Jersey, the decision to walk away from the brokerage firm was not easy to make and he remains on call to “continue to assist the company and its board in their efforts to respond to regulatory inquiries and issues related to the disposition of the firm’s assets.” What Corzine is doing right now, at this exact moment, remains a mystery, as does his location, which some people are none too happy about. CNBC, for example, has reporters staked out at all three of Corzine’s residences (Hoboken, Manhattan, Long Island) and are vowing not to leave until he emerges to cough up some answers. While we’re not yet prepared to haul him into our interrogation room and “do this the easy way or the hard way,” we, too, have a few questions. Such as: Read more »