fake deaths

The 47-year-old Georgia banker—on the run for 18 months after allegedly bilking investors of millions and faking his own death—was apprehended on New Year’s Eve after cops pulled him over for illegally tinted windows. During his time on the lam, Price was hoarding marijuana plants, according to authorities, and underwent a dramatic physical transformation, forgoing his clean-cut look for longer hair, and a beard and a mustache…After his arrest, Price’s residence in Florida was searched and police found about 225 pot plants growing in the garage and inside an adjacent mobile home, according to the Marion County Sheriff’s Office. Animal control also was called to remove one “pit bull-type dog,” according to authorities. Price was renting the house and was using an alias name, “Jason.” [CNBC, earlier]


  • Looking up laws regarding tinted windows
  • Coming up with a better disguise than James Lipton Meets Dave Navarro
  • Straying a bit further than two hours from his house, or to a place where local cops wouldn’t be able to recognize him, even with the aforementioned disguise

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On May 11, 1979, commodities trader and “family man” Arthur Gerald Jones went missing. His wife told investigators that six months prior, he’d lost his job, and due to the fact that despite selling his CBOT seat and forging her name on an application for a second mortgage, Jones still had a bunch of gambling debt to pay off, possibly to the mob, foul play was suspected, and he was eventually declared dead in 1986. This would be sad if not for the fact that AGJ has actually been living and working (as a bookie, natch, and apparently also on his tan) in Las Vegas for the last 23 years. Read more »