As you may have heard, over the weekend, Denmark introduced a tax on fat. The measure is aimed at “increasing the average life expectancy of Danes” but obviously it’ll make the country a little extra coin, too. Great for them, not so great for hedge fund manager Julian Robertson, who had to sit at home steaming over the fact that his idea had been stolen. For those who supposedly don’t remember what we’re talking about, perhaps this quote will jog your memory?

“I would love to be the Obesity Czar.” Read more »

  • 05 Nov 2010 at 11:35 AM

Sugar and Fat-laden Food Eating Challenge: Under Way

We haven’t chronicled a food eating challenge in a while but in honor of Julian Robertson’s recently announced bid for the yet uncreated role of Obesity Czar, it’s only fitting we do so today. Although neither the volume nor the time allotment are in anyway difficult (50 items, 45 minutes) but the concept (the challenger must alternate Chicken McNuggets with Munchkins) appears somewhat disgusting. And, it’s Robertson-approved, as it would make him a decent amount of coin based on his proposed “fat tax” and “sugar tax.” Here what we know about he participant: Read more »