feeds his whores at the WSJ

Toward the end of the Raj Rajaratnam trial, the Galleon founder’s lead attorney John Dowd told reporters this would be his last case, noting that defending alleged insider traders is “a young man’s game.” At the time, we didn’t think it any great loss. But after he was asked by a CNBC camera crew if he wanted to give a comment and told them “Get the fuck out of here. That’s what I’ve got for CNBC,” we started to wonder if perhaps we’d been wrong to let him go without a fight, a feeling that only grew when, following Raj’s guilty verdict, Dowd declared the outcome a “23-14″ victory, for the defense. Then this morning we read the email he fired off to a Wall Street Journal reporter whose coverage of the Galleon trial Dowd believed was slanted in favor of the prosecution and have decided there is no way in “sucking Preet’s teet” hell we can allow this guy to bid us adieu just yet. Read more »