Florian Homm

The Absolute Capital Management founder doesn’t mind hanging out and doing the Holy Mother’s work in his native Germany if it means he doesn’t have to explain to an American jury how that alleged $200 million penny-stock cross-trading system was totally legitimate business strategy, kind of like investing in a Berlin whorehouse. It may not be Majorca or Florence, but it’s a damned sight better than living on the run in Colombia or an Italian jail cell—and certainly an American one. Read more »

We hope the Absolute Capital Management founder got a really good look at whatever masterpieces he went to the Uffizi to see, because he’s not likely to get back to Florence any time soon. Or, for that matter, Colombia, where he spent five years on the run despite being shot in the country in 2006. Or any other country with an extradition treaty with the U.S., which wants to have a chat with him about an alleged $200 million penny-stock cross-trading scam. Read more »

Florian Homm presumably saw this coming. Read more »

The bits of wisdom Florian Homm picked up during his stay in Colombia, where he was getting some “me time” and not trying to distance himself from angry investors whose money he’d lost, can be found in the book he wrote about living underground (“Kopf Geld Jagd”), which he hopes will be a “hard-core wake-up call” readers who are “trying to get a second Mercedes and a bigger boat.” For those who can’t wait for the English version, from an interview with the Times we learn: Read more »