I don’t know what it’s like at your office, but at the Securities and Exchange Commission, Valentine’s Day is a big deal. Staffers frequently beat suitors off with a stick and on February 14, the deliveries of candy, chocolates, flower arrangements, and edible undies do not stop. So when workers were notified just days before the big day that moving forward, such shipments were banned, there was no way they were going to take the news lying down. Read more »

It was 5:01 p.m. The Blue Smoke bar was humming. Outside was hammering rain. The stock market had closed up smartly. Conversation strayed: “So I’m off to Sydney tomorrow. Then Hong Kong.” “You doing anything tonight? Tomorrow night?” “My wife was really annoying yesterday. She just doesn’t get ‘Family Guy.’” A suited man was telling a colleague, “I either get flowers for Janet or she’ll put my head in a vise.” [NYT]

You know what’s so fucking hot right now? Tea. You know how we know that? Because the Post has deemed it so. And you know how they know that? At least one person drinks it in mass quantities– legendary hedge fund manager Spencer Greenberg. Greenberg, you may recall, is the 27 year-old co-founder of Rebellion Research, a firm that uses “artificial intelligence” to invest and manages under $7 million. His passion for leaves is cited today as evidence that this stuff that’s been around for thousands of years is finally now a ‘thing.’ Greenberg, pictured here with his stash and described as resembling Jake Gyllenhaal, we’re told, “is not your average tea enthusiast.” Read more »

As you may have heard, a result of the slump in the housing market, many families are staying in their homes when they would have otherwise moved. There, they are choosing to make the best of things, by upgrading their current spread. One room that is benefiting from the trend is the “man cave.” The domain of the man of the house, which may previously have simply been a corner in the basement or garage, low on frills, is getting some pretty sweet redesigns that include big ass TVs, pinball machines, kegerators, golf simulators, bacon-scented candles, beer pages “to locate lost brew” and more. This seemingly good news however, obscures a darker phenomenon taking place, according to the Journal.

The man cave has a secret: Women use them, too. Their new interest comes as these spaces have morphed from cold garage outposts into tricked-out comfy spreads, complete with flat screens TVs, fully stocked bars, arcade games and plush (clean!) furniture.

As you can imagine, some people are not happy about this. Read more »