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"You lookin for a good time?"

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Picture 80.pngThe Journal doesn’t say whether or not she’s single but let’s assume yes and hope this is your shot to be made the house-husband of a loaded French lady. Here’s what we know about Maxie:
* Age: 30
* Daughter of the founder and chairman of €33 billion ($47.3 billion) French asset manager Carmignac Gestion, Edouard Carmignac
* Spent the last two years working outside the family biz, “analyzing U.S. retail and consumer companies at Visium Asset Management in New York, and looking at the European energy sector on a consulting basis for Cheyne Capital in London,” jobs that she said she got on her own.

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  • 16 Dec 2009 at 11:05 AM

Able Was I, Ere I Saw Gordon Brown Beat Me To The Punch

sarkozy.jpgThe French will simply not be outdone on matters of making Europe the most inhospitable place on earth to be a banker. Fresh from declaring victory over the wicked Anglo-Saxons and their lasseiz-faire banking cabal, France now says it, too, will impose a huge one-time tax on banking bonuses, just like the British said they’d do last week.
French Finance Minister Christine Lagarde said that they, too, would take half of what the banks pay their employees this Christmas, thank you. The move is no surprise, given the Wall Street Journal op-ed from a few weeks ago where British Prime Minister Gordon Brown and le Petit Napoleon, French President Nicolas Sarkozy, called a one-off tax on banking bonuses “a priority, due to the fact that bonuses for 2009 have arisen partly because of government support for the banking system.”

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