French people

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"You lookin for a good time?"

Naturally it involves sucking dick for coke. I’m kidding! Though an admitted prostie, Kerviel is not that kind of whore. Read more »

Picture 80.pngThe Journal doesn’t say whether or not she’s single but let’s assume yes and hope this is your shot to be made the house-husband of a loaded French lady. Here’s what we know about Maxie:
* Age: 30
* Daughter of the founder and chairman of €33 billion ($47.3 billion) French asset manager Carmignac Gestion, Edouard Carmignac
* Spent the last two years working outside the family biz, “analyzing U.S. retail and consumer companies at Visium Asset Management in New York, and looking at the European energy sector on a consulting basis for Cheyne Capital in London,” jobs that she said she got on her own.

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