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    What Fate Awaits The Next People To Question Charlie Gasparino’s Reporting? (UPDATE V)

    [via @cgasparino]
    So far we’ve got:

    * Clown
    * Bozo
    * Shit-stain
    * Numbnuts

    Beyond names, we have it on good authority at least one person will be told their mother’s a whore, while another will be instructed to go get their shoeshine box. Finally, a Twitter user TBD will be informed that if traffic getting in and out of the city weren’t so backed up, Chaz would be taking them for a ride on the BQE, with their head counting as passenger No. 2 and their torso as passenger No. 3, so he can adhere to the minimum of 3/car rule imposed by Bloomberg earlier this week.

    / Nov 2, 2012 at 4:46 PM