fuck me boots

Sock it to me. Your respect, that is.

Distressed debt investor Lynn Tilton recently participated in a podcast for NPR. Early in the interview she was asked “What are you wearing?” to which the Patriarch Partners founder responded, “A Cavalli top, a Versace belt, a Gucci skirt and Prada boots– 4 inches. I need to look sufficiently fierce to make sure I garner the respect I deserve,” she explained. Sure, makes sense, and is in fact the tactic used by many of Wall Streets most esteemed investors, though they all like to put their own spin on it (Carl Icahn wears a cat o’ nine tails as a belt, while Julian Robertson used to take all meetings wearing a full Dominatrix Nurse Costume). Later on, when discussing a tassel company she owns, she said her inspiration for a line of “Tassel Me” belts came from “fond memories of what I had once done with tassels.” Some of you may know what she’s talking about! For those not lucky enough to be a Christmas card-receiving client of Lynn’s when she was a salesgirl at AMROC, circa 1989, let’s get you up to speed. Read more »

  • 21 Dec 2009 at 2:42 PM

Danielle Chiesi: Prom Queen Gets A Makeover

Behold: the transformation Chiesi has undergone since being charged with doing bad things with hot tips.

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