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*DJ Gasparino: Goldman Sachs President Gary Cohn Fully Aware I Can Fight Like Mike Tyson In His Prime, If I So Chose

*DJ Gasparino: What I Lack In Height, I Make Up For In Having The Wingspan Of A Pterodactyl

*DJ Gasparino: Cohn Knows Gasparino’s Reach Is So Formidable He Could Be Eating A Slice On Arthur Avenue And Knock The GS Prez Out In Midtown

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Out of 17,000 applicants, just 350 college students made the cut and will begin their investment banking summer internships next week at Goldman Sachs offices around the world. That is roughly the same yield as prior years, a 2% acceptance rate. It’s easier to get into Harvard or Stanford…Applicants also had to submit a resume and a 300-word cover letter describing the qualities they would bring to Goldman and their motivations for applying. And of course they had to survive a round of interviews. “We have no problem attracting people,” Gary Cohn, Goldman’s president, said at a conference on Thursday about the applicants to the program. “I won’t say they’re all highly qualified, but the vast majority were highly qualified kids that wanted to come to work at Goldman Sachs for the summer and do the internship program.” [WSJ, related, related]

The theme Mr. Cohn kept returning to was the primacy of clients. Asked what his daily routine looked like, his answer was simple. “The most important thing I do is deal with clients, client situations and opportunities for the firm,” he said. Mr. Cohn, a former trader, also said he had become a “better listener.” Still, Mr. Cohn retains something of an edge. When his father asks him how the market is doing, Mr. Cohn sometimes responds, “Which one?” even though he knows it’s unlikely his father would inquire about one of the many esoteric markets he works in, he said. [Dealbook]

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If You Cut A Gary Cohn, Does He Not Bleed?

Recent public remarks by Blankfein that he will stay at his job “for awhile” stung both Cohn and [vice-chairman Michael] Evans, who would like him out sooner so they can have their chance at the top, these people add. Cohn recently told FOX Business he’s content in his current role, and Evans has kept a low profile in recent months as both Blankfein and Cohn have been reaching out to the press. The charm offensive is designed to reverse years of bad publicity concerning Goldman’s role in the 2008 financial crisis and charges that the firm had taken advantage of clients during this time. But Blankfein’s comments touched off even more jockeying between the two men to gain support among the firm’s powerful ranks of “partners”, or senior executives, to emerge as Blankfein’s eventual replacement, these people say. One person close to Goldman said Evans was particularly shaken by Blankfein’s statements, and as a result he might be considering his options outside the firm if Blankfein signals he will stay at the top indefinitely. [FBN, earlier]

David Einhorn, Greenlight Capital: “Cranberry sauce — not from the can, just cranberries and sugar.” Julian Robertson, Tiger Management: “Wild rice.” Gary Cohn, Goldman Sachs: “Oysters — not shucked by me.” Glenn Dubin, Highbridge Capital Management: “I love turkey. I would love to eat turkey all year round, because I’m a chicken person.” David Hasselhoff, actor: “I miss the dish my mother used to make: it was green beans, with a layer of marshmallows, and corn flakes on top.” [Bloomberg via LaurenTaraLaCapra, RELATED]

As many of you know, here at Dealbreaker we consider ourselves the preeminent scholars on Goldman Sachs president Gary Cohn’s grundle. Specifically, the grundle-to-face conversations he reportedly enjoys having with employees on the trading floor. So we were more than a little delighted to hear that Greg Smith’s book, Why I Left Goldman Sachs, contained a passage describing Cohn’s preferred position to assume while havin’ a chat. Sayeth Smith:

Gary had a very distinctive signature move, one he had become famous for within the firm; I must have seen it ten or fifteen times in action. It didn’t matter if the person he was talking to was male or female; he would walk up to the salesman or saleswoman, hike up one leg, plant his foot on the person’s desk, his thigh close to the employee’s face, and ask how markets were doing. Gary was physically commanding, and the move could have been interpreted as a very primal, alpha-male gesture. I think he just thought it was comfortable.

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“Of course I would like to be CEO of Goldman Sachs, but I am very happy in the role and job I’m in now and I’ve a great job and a great opportunity in front of me. I am very happy doing what I am doing.” Read more »

Are you among the people who mistakenly believe working for Goldman Sachs has lost its luster? That the youth of America no longer spend nights dreaming about what it’d be like to bask in the glow of Lloyd Blankfein? That a guy who couldn’t tie his shoes ’til he was 22 was able to ruin the picture they had their minds of what it would be like to one day, if they worked really hard, have Gary Cohn hike up one leg, plant his foot on a their desk, his thigh close to their face, and ask how markets were doing? Then you don’t have a clue. Read more »