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If various sources are to be believed, Raj Rajaratnam is having the time of his life in prison, where he’s “reigning like a king,” “has a very delightful guy doing all sorts of stuff for him — sort of like a ‘manservant’,” enjoys a private en suite, balcony, and adjustable bed, and gets along smashingly with his fellow inmates, who can’t help but notice how downright svelte he’s become. All that’s a good thing, as we’ve just received word he won’t be leaving any time soon. Read more »

  • 07 Nov 2013 at 1:32 PM

Lisa Maria Falcone’s 2013 Is Looking Up!

Securities ban, shmeshurities ban– the driving while impaired charges have been dropped! Read more »

Knight Capital Group Chief Executive Officer Thomas Joyce said in a letter to clients yesterday the company is “in good standing” with clearing firms and its broker-dealer units have sufficient capital. Joyce also said the post-tax loss stemming from Knight’s trading error was about $270 million, compared with a previously reported pretax loss of $440 million. The letter comes a week after Knight, one of the biggest market-making firms in the U.S., was driven to the brink of bankruptcy after a technology malfunction spewed orders into the market by mistake. [Bloomberg, earlier]


The Germans would like to put it out there that they have no plans to “win market shares” by purging employees, despite reports suggesting otherwise. Read more »

Here’s some news that should be comforting not only to former Goldman Sachs board member Rajat Gupta, but anyone who has in the past or is considering in the future leaking non-public details about a company to a hedge fund manager who’ll proceed to trade on them– should you be caught on tape doing just that, criminal charges are unlikely. Read more »

You can stop with the fire drills. Read more »

Today alone we’ve received two bad pieces of news re: bonuses. Expectations at JPMorgan are that they’ll be down 10-15% and at Morgan Stanley, nearly 30%. But! Employees at some firms– be they Goldman, hedge funds, whoever– must be expecting to fare better based on a little word from a little fella. Read more »

  • 01 Jun 2010 at 4:57 PM

Great News For Psychopath Traders Based In The UK

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Are you a little bit nuts? Are you a lot a bit nuts? If you said the latter, take care to only date women who date guys as equally crazy as yourself and in the event you go bat-shit insane on her ass, it’ll be all good in the ‘hood. Read more »