A couple weeks back, an 8-foot long, 160-pound mountain lion started hanging around Greenwich, Connecticut and its nearby towns. News stations noted that a cat that size hasn’t been seen in those parts in 100 years; residents and people who work in the area were more than a little freaked the fuck out. Now testing of evidence found last week has revealed everyone should be doubly worried. Read more »

Time was, you put a house on the market in Greenwich, Connecticut and you got your $35 million asking price in a matter of days- and it didn’t even have to come with 26-toilets, a property that would cause a serious bidding war. Greenwich could count on Wall Street to make it rain ka-ching! on people’s faces come bonus time and those people would in turn say sure, here’s $35 mill in cash, buy yourself something nice and all was right in the world. Now? With this bull shit about putting “greater emphasis on deferred compensation” and “incorporating risk management into performance measures”? It’s making would-be buyers think things through and not jump at relative bargains at $15.95 million. Read more »

  • 04 May 2011 at 4:08 PM

Cops Bust Greenwich-Based Hookers, Clients

If you’ve got a regular thing going with a hooker in Greenwich, please note she may be lying low for a while. Perhaps somewhat more urgently, if you have a scheduled meeting for this week, you ought to consider backing out now as that hooker is a cop and you’re about to get nailed. Read more »

Each year at Christmas, Paul Tudor Jones orchestrates a holiday spectacular on his front lawn, spreading cheer far and wide. People travel from all over to see the display (set to music) and the tradition, which last two full weeks, is much cherished among the residents of Greenwich. As discussed last week, Jones-A-Palooza 2010 is expected to “rival those of past years,” with the possibility for Rockettes, chicken and PTJ dressed as the big man. Anyone who goes will surely have their mind blown and all are welcome, free of charge because Tudor is a very generous man. And yet, according to one Greenwich elected official, he’s not giving enough when it comes to celebrating the birth of Christ. Read more »

As many of you may be aware, some of us intimately, each year Paul Tudor Jones holds a Christmas spectacular on his front lawn in Greenwich, Connecticut. Open to the public, it’s become a favorite event for children and adults of all ages, far and wide. After being forced to cancel his Halloween extravaganza this year, as a result of neighbors who lack any heart, some worried that PTJ’s Christmas show would suffer the same fate. Well worry no longer. This thing is on, and that’s not all. Read more »

  • 22 Nov 2010 at 5:16 PM

In Other News…

A 24-year-old Greenwich man posed as a hedge fund manager and took more than $33,000 from an unemployed Stamford man who was promised $7,000 a month in returns on his investment, police said. Mark Traisman, 24, of 1 Indian Chase Road, Greenwich, was arrested Monday morning at the Stamford Police Department and charged with first-degree larceny and second-degree forgery. He was brought to the Wilton Police Department shortly afterward to face larceny charges, police said. Stamford police Sgt. Peter diSpagna said a 26-year-old Stamford man and his 53-year-old mother came to the Greenwich Police Department in August to report a con in which Traisman allegedly posed as a hedge fund manager and tricked the son into giving him a $30,000 investment. He allegedly told the 26-year-old son that in exchange for the investment he could give him $7,000 to $8,000 a month in returns. [Stamford Advocate via BI]

As we have previously discussed, when one grows up in Greenwich, CT, there are certain expectations. Prep school, college, Wall Street, death. And in the beginning, Garrett Hoelscher did what he was told. He attended the Brunswick school, then Emory and did a summer internship at RBS. But he was just going through the motions. “Nobody there [was] passionate,” he told Business Insider. “It’s all just numbers and spreadsheets.” (Also, people smoked “two packs a day,” which offended him.) But he still took a job working at Wedbush Investments in LA, where the unhappiness followed. It wasn’t until a transformative weekend in Stratton, VT that decided he needed a change. And that’s when Hoeslscher, whose favorite quotation on Facebook is “Don’t talk about it; be about it,” came up with a plan. To sell waffles in Aspen. Read more »

Growing up in Greenwich, with a father who works in finance, there were expectations placed on Matt McCarty. You know the ones. Prep school, followed by an Ivy or Ivy-esque college, a job on Wall Street, all that stuff. And in the beginning, those expectations were met. Matty attended the Brunswick school, then Vanderbilt, and did a summer internship at CRT Capital Group. But he always felt like there was something else he was meant to do. And one day, he got up the courage to go for it. Read more »