Happy Halloween. Be glad you’re not trick or treating at Joe Kernen’s house, where they’re giving out copies of this in lieu of candy. [@Natiello via @andrewrsorkin]

Schwarzman and his wife, Christine, as “French devils” last night. [Bloomberg, Earlier: The Blackstone founder’s documented love of Halloween; seriously, you will not meet a PE exec, hedge fund manager, man, woman, or child who gets as excited about the holiday as Mr. Steve. Talking $4 million crab claw-levels excited.]

  • 31 Oct 2011 at 5:20 PM

This Is Jamie Dimon-Branded Pumpkin

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When one considers the many, many reasons to admire Stephen Schwarzman, difficulty arises in keeping the list to a manageable length. An abridged version, a mere fraction of his attributes, would include building Blackstone with own two hands, his support of literacy, his vision and execution in creating Yale’s first Ballet Society, his passion as it relates to the carried interest debate, on which he is not afraid to speak his mind, and his undying commitment to do right by clients.

Today another bullet point must be added, with regard to this: Read more »

Our friends at Bridgewater Associates have long loved Halloween and a good Halloween soiree.  In addition to an annual party paid for by the firm, its staff is known to host bunches of get-togethers in the week leading up to the big night, where everyone gets into the spirit. It wasn’t until very recently, however, that they felt comfortable speaking frankly about candy corn and costumes with the outside world.  Read more »

First, though, a story.

One of the common refrains you hear from the critics of Wall Street is that financial services employees don’t build anything or make anything. To them, it means you don’t do anything for society. We know that’s not true but because one can’t reach out and touch your product, they like to say you earn a living by moving money around without ever creating anything real. The same can be said for my line of work. What do I do? I put words out there but it’s not like you can hold them in your hands or see someone walking down the street carrying them. And on some days, you start to wonder if the haters are right. You start to reevaluate. You question things. You wonder if you should quit and become a bricklayer or a shepherd.

Then a moment comes along, like one did today. Wherein you read a story about an employee of a noted analyst dressing up as the alter ego you conceived for her a couple years back on a lark and then proceeded to fill out, giving her all kinds of storylines and accoutrements like a spreader and truss bar and testicle clamps, which you suggested she used on the heads of various banks and it all becomes clear– you can see it before your very eyes– your undeniable impact on the world. Read more »

As previously discussed, Goldman Sachs MD Richard Kimball is known for throwing great parties. And at the request of his firm for employees to keep a low profile, he’s taken care to keep his bashes, private, whether they’re topless pool parties in the Hamptons or naked themed get-togethers in the elevator. Still, the stiffs in his building at 99 Jane Street decided they were too good for the Kimballer and have not renewed his lease, which ends on Halloween. Luckily, Rick has found a new home, not run by buzz kills. Read more »

Almost a year ago, at the height of the campaign to Hate on Goldman Sachs, Lloyd Blankfein issued an edict. Lay low. Do not draw attention to the firm. Do not purchase flashy items. Do not dump a bag of hundos on the floor, strip naked and roll around in them at your local watering hole. Don’t even eat together outside the walls of headquarters if you know what’s good for you. Lloyd wasn’t telling people to not be themselves, just not to be themselves in public, where they could be readily identified as employees of Goldman Sachs. Naturally, the rule applied not only to first-year peons but the upper echelons of Goldman Sachs management as well. Which is why when he threw “a series of” topless parties in the Hamptons last summer, partner, managing director and hero to all Rick Kimball did so in the privacy of his Southampton rental. The same logic presumably applied during the planning of an upcoming “naked-themed Halloween party,” supposedly taking place at his pad on Jane Street. Read more »