he said she said

His: Los Angeles police officers stopped him while he was trying to buy sleeping aids at a pharmacy, forced him to take a sobriety test, searched him and his car, where they found $3,000 in cash. The officers proceeded to handcuff him and take him to a motel, where they “warned him not to leave, lest he end up dead.” He attempted to escape but “ran into the police officers, who hit him on the head and broke his shoulder blade,” in addition to telling him, “You’re going to die tonight of a heroin overdose.” While he “previously used a legal drug known as bath salts,” he was not high on bath salts on the night in question. Theirs: He was high on fucking bath salts…you know, bath salts, as in the drug that makes people eat faces? Read more »

Daniela Rausnitz, who had a torrid affair with married investment banker David Gray, 28, sent him steamy messages just days before she sicced London cops on him, according to testimony in the case. “There were countless texts and e-mails in early August of a very affectionate nature,” said Gray’s London attorney, Dan O’Callaghan yesterday. O’Callaghan and Gray’s mother said the number-crunching nerd simply lost his mind after his colleague at JPMorgan Chase dumped him for another guy, deluging her with hundreds of e-mails. [NYP, earlier]

“Where’s the fucking proof,” he told colleague Donald Longueuil he was going to ask Federal officials, should they try to nail him for anything, although we now know when the big moment came he decided to just confess everything and cooperate so they wouldn’t hurt him. Read more »