he’s a big dumb animal isn’t he folks?

Earlier this week, a video was posted online of NYPD Deputy Inspector Anthony Bologna blasting a bunch of people at the Occupy Wall Street protest. Judging by the clip, it appears the spraying was not exactly warranted  and despite an initial statement by the police department expressing doubt as to whether it was edited to make the guy look bad, today it was reported that an internal investigation has been launched re:  Bologna maybe having an itchy trigger finger. While the NYPD probably would have preferred the incident not have been recorded, at least one guy thought it was great. Read more »

As you may have heard, because he’s said it a bunch of times, were Donald Trump to be elected President of the United States, his first order of business would be to “deal” with this China situation. Specifically, Trump has said he’d tell the Chinese that “If you don’t stop manipulating your currency, we’re going to put a 25 percent tax on your products that come into the US.” The Don has made the case that he’s uniquely qualified to run this country because unlike our pussy diplomats (who “went to school to learn how to be nice”), he’d “deliver to the message” to to China in away that would get them to take the threat seriously. Today during a town hall, Trump workshopped some lines and so far here’s what he’s got: “Listen you motherfuckers, we’re going to tax you 25 percent.” Read more »

“I am really honored, frankly, to have played such a big role in hopefully, hopefully, getting rid of this issue,” Trump told reporters, his helicopter sitting behind him. He said he still wants to see the birth certificate, released while he was en route to New Hampshire, but now wants to talk about weightier issues such as oil prices. [ABC]

Over the weekend, USA Today ran an interview with Meredith Whitney, conducted by Maria Bartiromo, about her muni bond call. Perhaps you read it? Charlie Gasparino did and he’s so angry he can hardly see straight and has a whole host of questions he wants answered. But let’s backtrack a second. Chaz was surprised to see the interview at all, given that probing of Meredith’s prediction last fall by, CG says, “reporters like myself” resulted in the analyst retreating from the spotlight. But she agreed to this one and Charlie is pretty sure he knows why. Veins bulging and sweat pouring down his neck, Charlie posited today it’s because his former CNBC colleague was more than happy to “serve as a conduit for Whitney’s initial absurd claim.” Read more »

Though he’s told reporters he’s in the midst of a huge comeback, economically speaking, Lenny Dykstra is still a few paychecks away from getting his $24 million house back from the bank, flying private, paying hookers for services rendered in forms other than the IOU, and taking dates out for a nice steak dinner. As luck would have it, though, last Friday Nails got lucky and after participating in an interview with NBC’s “Sports Final,” got his dinner at the Palm covered, which is apparently a standard arrangement between the restaurant and the station. After hearing that the tab for him and his “attractive blonde” lady friend would be taken care of, LD proceeded to feast like he wasn’t sure when his next meal was coming, ordering two bottles of $150 wine, salads, and surf-and-turn at the table and “crab cakes and assorted desserts” to take back to their room at the Ritz. One would like to say he stopped short of making his date put the silverware in her purse but the scene seems to suggest otherwise. After being handed a bill to sign, Dykstra wrote $200 in the tip section, signed his name, and got out of there, leaving the manager to compensate LD’s waiter. Read more »

For those of you who were unaware, Morgan Stanley CEO James Gorman has one hard and fast rule, which is simply this: he will cut a bitch who refers to or calls him anything other than James. As in no Jim, no Jimbo, no Big J, no Jimmy, no Uncle Jim, no Jimmy Crack Corn, no Jimmy Cakes, no J’may and no JP Gorman Chase. It’s not just a pet peeve of his like, oh, ‘I hate it when people call him Jim, really ticks me off,’ it’s a ‘I will beat the ass of anyone– anyone– who calls me anything but James. Not kidding- I’ll scratch their fucking eyes out.’ This is well-known inside Morgan Stanley and as Ji–I mean James is so serious about it, his handlers go to great lengths to make sure anyone who interfaces with him from the outside is well-aware of what he wants to be called. One person who recently became acquainted with the rule? Charlie Gasparino, with whom it did not sit well.

I’ve been covering Wall Street now for two decades and never before have I been corrected by a CEOs’ handlers about a first name as much as I have when it comes to Gorman, who took the top job at Morgan about a year ago, and is now struggling to recreate that bank in the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis, which it barely survived.

“Of course, Gorman should go by whatever name makes him feel comfortable,” Chaz says but here’s the thing– it makes Chaz highly uncomfortable, this not being allowed to call James Jim thing, not that there’s anything wrong with that. What’s more, this rule of Gorman’s is isn’t just about a name. Rather, Charlie actually posits, it’s indicative of what’s going to doom Morgan Stanley, and why CG fears James at the helm can only mean trouble. Read more »

“It worked for nine years, but mistakes were made,” Harris Barton, 46, says as he sips a coffee at an Italian restaurant in Palo Alto, California. After the demise of HRJ Capital, the firm he co-founded with Ronnie Lott of which Joe Montana was a partner, he says he was embarrassed every time he walked into a place like this in Silicon Valley. “I felt like everyone was looking at me and saying, ‘There he is, the dumb athlete who couldn’t manage his firm.’” [Bloomberg]