In February 2010, RBS employee Jim Glover (AKA G-Love) was told that his services were no longer required by the firm, when it came to light he’d spent that last year or so instructing junior employees to submit wires that would normally go to a counterparty to pay for trades, and then approving them to, instead, go to his personal account. The Glove Love did so, it’s been suggested, because he wasn’t happy with what he believed to be an offensively paltry bonus that wasn’t sufficient enough to fund his dream: “to build beautiful luxury mountain homes in his favorite ski town, Windham, N.Y.” Now that Glover has pleaded guilty and faces a fine of up to $1.25 million (plus ten years in jail), his own dream house has been put on the block and it could conceivably be yours a ten-spot, as the auction requires no minimum bid. According to the listing: Read more »