“For years I kept these memos away from anything related to politics. But more recently I began to discuss issues facing the United States, and this has required some mention of policy and thus of politics. I’ve tried very hard to be non-partisan, with a goal of not having readers know my leanings…Because I found America’s recent presidential election – and especially the results – so fascinating, I’m going to move explicitly to the field of politics, but with the same goal of non-partisan expression…If you believe the exit polls, people who were positively influenced by the handling of Sandy could have made up all or more of Obama’s 2.8% margin of victory. If it’s true that Sandy was the deciding factor for 15% of the electorate, and if it caused just a fifth of those people to switch to Obama, that means without Sandy, Romney would have won. I find it shocking that the choice of a president for four years could turn on something as fickle as the weather.” [Howard Marks]

What else do you have to look forward to upon entering an employment agreement with the House of Dimon, according to its latest investment banking recruiting video?

* Having your day narrated by a British man

* Taking part in high-level discussions that go something like this:

“Do we want more exposure to the gulf?”

“Hurricanes go through the gulf.”

“Oh. So no.”

* Scaring the shit out of pigeons Read more »