I mean- he’s not wrong

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Goldman Sachs has done a lot to try and stem the rage over some people’s belief that the Masters of the Universe did not deserve their nicely-sized bonuses this year. They’ve taken away the cash portion of Lloyd and Co’s, they’ve made senior management fork over a bunch of their money to charity (including a special fund set up specifically to “help Matt Taibbi get the help he needs”), they canceled plans for the annual DuckTails-esque money pit for the distribution of the young employees’ comp, and so on and so forth. And yet. People still won’t get off their asses. So. It was time try something different. A new approach. One that would perhaps appeal to the plebes, where most of the ridiculous bitching is coming from. Everybody agreed this was a great idea, and last night at a fundraiser for Harry Reid held by Goldman co-President Gary Cohn, it was put to the test. Read more »